I will get to the title in a moment but first, I FIXED MY CAR! Had to take the dashboard out and check all the wiring but now it is all good, power to the dashboard all the time as it should, started first time with no problems so I am super happy about that. I also got my Tall T delivery which just topped it all off. Here are the stickers and one on my car and laptop:

DSC_0078 DSC_0077 DSC_0079

I also wore my new crew neck all weekend, so comfy.

And back to the title…so after sorting my car and getting my Tall T stuff I was in such a good mood I booked onto the Snowriders Amsterdam Trip! It was absolutely amazing, snowed on the Saturday when we arrived in Landgraaf (biggest indoor ski slope in the world) which meant the coach took a bit longer but wasn’t too bad. We spent the day there so I got a chance to ski and snowboard, rental gear was awful as always but all in all it was a good day. After that we headed to Amsterdam for a pub crawl and then spent Sunday there too before heading home. The trip back was really quick meaning we got back early, 4am rather than 7am so I got a little sleep in a proper bed rather than a coach before lectures today, had a 9am and needed to submit a report by midday but that is all done now. That is about it for Amsterdam, enjoyed the coffee shops as would be expected.

Straight off the back of Amsterdam the Snowriders Val Thorens Easter booking goes live tomorrow so I need to make sure I get on that, put money aside to pay so should be good, just need to be on the ball and get a place before it sells out!

As I was in Amsterdam I am way behind on the X Games coverage so really need to catch up on that but here is a link for the results and you can watch the gold medal runs here. You can also find more on their YouTube:


Now it is time to relax! Only had two lectures today and have already finished so it is time to recover from this weekend, day off tomorrow so I can recover and be ready for the VT ticket release.



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