Val Thorens booked and paid for!

I was super lucky yesterday and got booked on the trip within the first 20 minutes of it going live! Loads of people seemed to have problems and were waiting for hours along with people managing to pay for up to 9 places and deposits by accident. All in all it looks like it is going to be a good trip, now I just have to wait. Although there are a few Snowriders events in the meantime to keep me going, Snowball and BUiSC among them.

In other news another 5 riders have been announced for the B&E Invitational along with the wildcard winners:

Current Riders (new invitees in italics), 7 left to be announced next month:

  • Henrik Harlaut
  • Phil Casabon
  • Candide Thovex
  • Tom Wallisch
  • Torin Yater-Wallace
  • Sammy Carlson
  • Adam Delorme
  • Rory Silva
  • Emile Bergeron
  • Noah Albaladejo
  • Parker White
  • Ahmet Dadali
  • JF Houle
  • Jules Bonnaire
  • Max Hill


And finally; the Faction Collective have just released the first episode if season two:

Also worth checking out from today (sadly it won’t let me embed Newschoolers videos so I have just put them as links):

Katrina’s #SexualWednesdays


New edit from DC and Torstein

That is about all for now, sorting out money and plans for the rest if term to make sure I have enough spending money in VT. Busiest day in Uni tomorrow so I am considering having an early night plus we have a Maths test of Friday morning too.



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