Quick Update

I know I haven’t blogged in ages but I don’t really feel like I have done much to warrant blogging about it; but anyway here is an update of what is going on at the moment:

I am heading home again this weekend, well tonight anyway, for my brothers birthday so I need to sort out the list of parts for his computer build that he is getting for his birthday! Then I am coming straight back tomorrow afternoon for the Snowriders Snowball, the only opportunity you get throughout the whole year to actually dress up. Hopefully I will have enough time at home to go shopping and make some extra food to bring back, always better when your mum makes it than when you do.

Gibson Motorsport came in yesterday (hence the featured image) to do a little presentation on what to expect if you apply for a placement with them over the summer and it sounds pretty amazing, working with them full time and going to all the race events throughout Europe. So I have already sent my CV in and now I just have to wait! Have a look at their Facebook page for more details.

Mighty Car Mods just released the last video for this season which is worth a watch, huge cliff hanger at the end!

And that is about it, I have a few deadlines but not too many which is always good; we start our last design and manufacture task next week, building a water wheel, and hopefully my calculations are as good as my LabVIEW code from the last project.



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