Big News

I won a pair of skis in the raffle at the Ball!

Have been trying not to say anything as I have been waiting on the list to see what I can choose from which I got given today. I have chosen the Head Oblivion so now I just have to wait; had a huge range of choice but the only ones that were the right length were the Head Cyclic 115, Head Oblivion, Head Framewall and Head The Show (seems to be a trend there…).

311304_1399290124 311424_1399290124311404_1399290124 311464_1399290124

Now I am just sorting out all my money to make sure I have funds to go a buy the rest of the stuff I need; looking at getting:

waymaker_carbon_130_alpine_boots_AE5010600 resizeImage.aspx 539x539xskis_product_2015-5062.jpg.pagespeed.ic.u7njj33GWK Douchebag_black_top45_stuff_2014

Hopefully I can afford to get Quiver Killer inserts too.


On the uni work side of things we started the Water Wheel build on Tuesday, almost finished all the basic manufacturing then it is just assembly. We also got presented with our myRIO’s from the Buggy Build competition so that is now up next to my myDAQ.

DSC_0145 DSC_0146

Mike Whiddett just posted a new video on the Radbull build and it is looking ridiculous, just the fact that he is using a MX-5 chassis/frame to start with for a competitive drift car build is mad. He has had it fitted with a twin turbo rotary engine spitting out over 1000bhp on low boost… Really looking forward to the big unveiling with livery and all next to his Madbull (RX-7) and Badbull (RX-8).



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