Ski Kit Shopping

Yesterday I finally started shopping for my ski kit! Bought the bindings and poles as they have really long shipping times so won’t arrive until next week, I also bought a ski strap as it wasn’t too expensive but in my opinion an essential. I bought the ones I mentioned in the last post but here are the pictures again anyway:

Salomon STH2 WTR 16:


Faction Agent:


G3 Ski Strap:


Over the weekend I got myself fitted for boots; I went to Snow + Rock on Friday then went to Glide n Slide yesterday. Glide n Slide had a bigger range of stiffer boots so hopefully I will heading back there this week with my early birthday present money (my birthday is in June) to buy them and get them heat fitted as well as getting custom foot-beds as I apparently have huge insteps! Looked at the Atomic Hawx 120 in Snow + Rock but preferred the Hawx 130 that Glide n Slide had however my favourite boots were the Head Venture 130 which felt the same as the Hawx 130 although they apparently have a narrower fit which I don’t quite believe as I have quite wide feet… Anyway they are also cheaper and have a hike function too. So hopefully I will get them soon.

Atomic Hawx 120 (Snow + Rock):


Atomic Hawx 130 (Glide n Slide):


Head Venture 130 (Glide n Slide):


Yesterday I also signed up/applied to be a tester for a new Haglöfs jacket on the ISPO Community (hence the feature image), so hopefully I will get it as I have a jam packed timetable during the test period, two weeks skiing, two weeks at uni and two weeks at work so would really get a good amount of varied testing done. It would also be really go to actually have an input on a product before final run rather than just reviewing/commenting on them after I have bought them.



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