New Boots!

So first off, my mum is amazing! She sent me money for my boots today as an early birthday present and by early I mean 108 days early or more simply 3 months and 17 days early, so very early. But that meant that I could head out today and get some boots which of course I did. I bought the Head Venture 130 with custom footbeds and had them heat fitted/moulded. For Head boots heat fitting involves the whole boot, shell and all, going into a heater before stepping into them and standing up for ages (10 minutes but it feels much longer). So now I have some super comfy custom fitted ski boots ready for Val Thorens in just over two weeks, so excited! I also need to do a big shout out to Glide & Slide who were amazing getting me fitted today and also when I went in to try boots on Sunday; I also need to apologize for turning up too early when they were rather busy but they managed to fit me in which was amazing.

Continuing on the ski kit front; I just ordered a ski bag and of course as I have mentioned before I am getting the Douchebags Douchebag. It is really hard to find one at the moment, especially in Pitch black, as loads have sold out. I was originally going to get one from Absolute-Snow but they have sold out since I last went on their site at the weekend so I have ordered one from Snowtrax which will hopefully be here soon.


The bag actually rounds out all the stuff I need to order so now it is just waiting for it all to arrive, my poles arrived yesterday and have already been opened, taken apart and put back together. Once everything has arrived I am going to head down to The Piste Office to get my skis mounted with Quiver Killers and after that I have to get a few tools but that is it. Hopefully the bindings won’t take too long however Snowinn are waiting for a new shipment from Salomon and have just sent me an email saying I am to expect them at the end of next week rather than the start.


Finally; I had confirmation from Luke that Wasteland have ordered my skis from Head so they are on the way to them and will be forwarded to us ASAP ready for VT!



Sorry for the reused pictures but I didn’t get a chance to take any when getting fitted.


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