Val Thorens

Thought I would do a quick update as I had been meaning to do daily posts but have been tired/busy and just haven’t had a chance!

So far VT has been awesome, got out super early every day (except today) and had a blast before joining everyone else for the rest of the day. Lapped both the DC (Area 43) and VT parks as well as hitting 114kmph (71.25mph); not near my best last year, 139kmph, or my target this year, 144kmph (90mph) but a start.

On the first day a few of us went and watched the FIS World Cup over in Meribel which was gnarly (as my flatmate described it); some of the DC international team were in Area 43 yesterday which was sweet too.

We also had the mountain meal yesterday that went off; a lot of alcohol was consumed and nakedness ensued before everyone stumbled and fell down the mountain.

The weather has been pretty good, a few clouds but mostly sun except today which was just a white out.

Planning to head over to Togshop in Meribel tomorrow to have a look at their Tall T Productions and Armada stuff but for now I need to eat and get ready for tonight as it is Jay Ho’s birthday!

Sorry for the lack of photos but I haven’t stopped to take any!



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