So this is going to be quite a big post as there has been loads of stuff building up to this that I have just never got round to posting along with loads happening in the last few days/coming up soon.

First off; I plan on actually doing daily updates during this trip, I know I said I would do them when I was in Val Thorens but I just had no time or internet connection and was either absolutely smashed or super tired all the time! But this time I am staying with my family in a mountain hotel, Hotel Trübsee, so I will have WiFi access and loads of spare time to get some posts written up and published! The weather is looking like it is shaping up to be an awesome week I just feel sorry for Sophie, who is out there now, as the visibility is awful this week and it is constantly snowing with high winds. This should however all stop over the weekend and brighten up for next week, or at least that is what I hope… With loads of snow in the forecast I might have to head to the Okay Shop and rent some proper powder skis, I am thinking a 120mm+ waist ski, maybe one of the DPS Lotus 120 or the Wailer 112RPC. Most of all though I am really looking forward to skiing with Sophie again as I haven’t seen her in two years! Thought I would throw in a link to a very long and not very interesting video I uploaded while skiing there last year (I get caught in a mini avalanche near the end); and seeing as there has been so much snow I have already started checking the current Avalanche Bulletin.

Now I just need to start re-packing ready to leave on Saturday, so excited! I know I need to lose some weight from my bag through as it was quite heavy when I went to VT but that was fine as they weren’t weight but as we are flying it will get weighed so I need to make sure I don’t over pack too much. It was very entertaining driving it back at the weekend from Leeds as it didn’t fit in the back of my Polo so I had to strap it into the front seat, could really do with a roof box; I will definitely need one if I ever want to drive to the Alps anytime soon and the one Jon Olsson has on his RS6, more on this later, would be awesome but I think it may be a little out of my price range…

Keeping on the skiing front a few videos worth a watch:

Salomon’s April Fools:

And a video that makes ski racing interesting:

Kind of reminds me about this video too:

In other news; Rufus Labs made an awesome announcement today:

Android is now up and running on the RC PCB

This means they are getting even closer to starting the manufacturing run, here are the pictures they released a long with the rest of the statement which you can find on their Facebook Page:

11026128_1023833324312064_7952162491082827276_n 11080998_1023833327645397_7632164526677760659_n

So, another piece of BIG news that a shared on my Facebook page yesterday (go give it a like), is that Jon Olsson and Betsafe have finally released the Audi RS6 DTM that Jon has been working on for ages; it has a huge spec sheet so have a look at both Jon’s post on his blog and also the article on World of Betsafe to get the details but here are some high res images of it as I noticed loads of people commenting on Jon’s post asking for them and the image I have as the feature image I have already set as my phone and laptop backgrounds (Photos by Oskar Bakke according to Jon’s blog):

DSC3819-Redigera 11121792_523292217802953_4177656194663537822_o 11101012_523292104469631_6055484872043277645_o 11084154_523292254469616_2711891422323898548_o 11083746_523292257802949_3170800657969762685_o 11075240_523292137802961_7320840823341513095_o 10516708_523292171136291_5584908039017782937_n

And as the feature image isn’t high res here is the high res version:


The roof box is made by 56nord and is a work of art in its self:


My only question is what would you prefer; the RS6 DTM or Rebellion R2K as I know Jon is supposedly driving the RS6 in the next Gumball and personally I would love it due to its huge amount of power combined with space for skis (as I mentioned above my ski bag doesn’t fit in my Polo) but then again the Rebellion is also awesome so which would you prefer, the RS6 shown above of the Rebellion shown below?

6-rebellion-r2k-jon-olsson-caresto-betsafe-gumball-3000_DSC1007-Redigera1 4-rebellion-r2k-jon-olsson-caresto-betsafe-gumball-3000_DSC0611-Redigera1 3-rebellion-r2k-jon-olsson-caresto-betsafe-gumball-3000_DSC0503-Redigera1 2-rebellion-r2k-jon-olsson-caresto-betsafe-gumball-3000_DSC0677-Redigera1 1-rebellion-r2k-jon-olsson-caresto-betsafe-gumball-3000_DSC1014-Redigera2

Another follow of subject, keeping along the lines of the Gumball 3000 the Stockholm to Vegas Tour Pack I ordered the other day has arrived so I have now updated my car keyring and sticker with the new ones and my Gumball stash is starting to overflow! And on the topic of car rallies the Modball Rally starts in 80 days; it actually start on my birthday (20th June) which is awesome so I might see if I can get down to London and see the start. There are still spaces left, only a few though, but sadly I can’t afford it.

DSC_0228 DSC_0227 DSC_0226 DSC_0225 DSC_0224 DSC_0229

And last but not least my car plan; I know previously I have mentioned that I would be getting rid of the Polo over Easter and getting insured on my mums A1 however this is no longer happening as my parents are looking at buying a place in Leeds for me for the next few years as an investments and my mum still needs a reliable daily driver. Therefore I am going to insure and tax my car for six months probably and see if my mum still gets the new MX-5 (I hope she does as it would be such a fun car) and then I may get the A1 but we will have to wait and see.

mx-5_2014_exterior_06_jpg300 Audi_A1_1.6_TDI_Ambition_–_Frontansicht,_17._März_2012,_Düsseldorf



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