Day 1 – Empty Plane…

So lets start off with the journey to the airport; it wasn’t too bad except, as expected, my douchebag didn’t really fit into my dad’s car (Mercedes-Benz E220 Saloon) so it ended up being laid down the centre of the car, not very comfy.
At the airport there were no queues at all, I had to sort my bags out as they wouldn’t let me use the douchebag as a single bag (34kg) so I split it down into my 60L Hugger and the douchebag but once that was sorted it was all good. We went through security no problem and after that it was just waiting for boarding.
I didn’t go into the lounge with the rest of my family as, of course, I was in sports shorts (my Armadas) and so wasn’t allowed in; instead I went shopping in duty free. Looked to see if they had the Oakley Holbrooks with the PRIZM lenses but they didnt so instead I bought the Sony QX10 as I have been wanting one for ages! We will have to see how the pictures turn out with it but here are a few I took waiting to board.
Oakley PRIZM Holbrooks:
Sony QX10:
Sample Pictures:
The flight over was so easy I couldn’t believe it! We were on an Airbus A320 and I counted 39 people plus a baby ao there were probably a maximum of 45 people on the plane…pretty much completely empty considering it has a 200 – 217 person capacity according to the Swiss Magazine.
Empty seats everywhere:
Magazine page:
I also got a pleasant suprise as I have been on so many budget airlines recently I forgot that Swiss gave you complimentary drinks, food and a chocolate, perfect. They also allowed me to move (probably because there was no one on the flight) to a seat with so much leg room I couldn’t believe it actually existed! It also had a cool table.
Leg room:
Empty row:
So yeah, the flight was super relaxed and comfy. I got a little carried away by the clouds and sun so here are way too many cloud photos most of which require editing but that is too much effort to do on my phone…

That is about it for the travel so far; here is a picture of me looking like even more of a douchebag than when I was going to VT as I also have my Hugger 60L attached to my douchebag!
(Thanks to my dad for the photo)
My plan for tomorrow was to get an early train on my own in the morning, aiming for the 08:47 train (not exactly that early) so that I got to Engelberg fairly early, 2:06 hour train with a change at Luzern. As I have my own kit now I don’t need to hire anything so can get there earlier and ski more plus I get to see Sophie earlier. However I am not being allowed to do this as it is a family holiday so we are leaving an hour later.
But anyway, right now I am off to get ready for tomorrow, so excited, the forcast is looking better and better!
I am starting to get the hang of posting from my phone (laptop wouldn’t connect to the hotel WiFi), this is only the second post I have done from my phone the first being the one from VT


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