Day 2 – Whiteout

Awesome start to the week skiing today although it was a complete whiteout; it has snowed all day so we will have loads of snow tomorrow when it will hopefully clear up as forecast along with loads of sun for the rest of the week (we hope).

So here is a quick run-down of today; we ended up getting a slightly earlier train than planned so had to wait around Luzern for a while but all-in-all the transfer to resort went very smoothly. It was odd seeing snow so low on the way up to Engelberg.

DSC_0268 DSC_0269

We then went into a tunnel and came out in a winter wonderland!


We got u the mountain to the Hotel without too many problems, fitting suitcases and ski bags in lifts isn’t very easy, after which I was ready to go skiing! Met up with Sophie and Katie and had a laugh in the awful visibility.

DSC00015 DSC00014

The weather started clearing up at about 3:30/4 when we were heading down to the bottom, I was racing down to get the last gondola up but the views were sweet:

DSC00023 DSC00019 DSC00018 DSC00017 DSC00016 DSC_0273

Here are some pictures to show just how much snow there is, that is the view from our balcony…

DSC_0274 DSC_0275

I had fun playing with my new QX10 so here are a few random shots plus some of the photos in the post were taken on it along with ones from my phone.

DSC00024 DSC00022 DSC00021 DSC00020

And on a side note I just saw that Snowzone at Castleford Xscape are running a park design competition if anyone is interested:



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