Day 4 – So Tired!

Short blog today as I am super tired. Had a really big day; skied the Laub with my dad first thing followed by Gross Sulz with my brother too after which we joined my mum to go to the very top and ski down before stopping at Stand for drinks. I went and joined Sophie and Katie at this point before stopping for Lunch after which we went back up to Titlis to ski the Rotegg again as it was so nice! I then rounded out the day with a run down Steinberg just as it was warming up so it was a little heavy towards the bottom but good none the less, today was probably the last day you could ski it as it is forecast to get really warm over the next few days. (Have a look at yesterdays blog, Day 3 – Bluebird, to find a ski map.)

That is about it, took a few videos but the files are huge so I will wait until I am home with faster internet to upload them, here are some photos though:

Top section of Steinberg, taken on my phone, a little tracked out but fun!



DSC00058 DSC00059 DSC00060 DSC00061

I also took a photo of the plans for the new gondola they are building at the moment ready for next season (apologies for the quality):




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