Day 6 – Another Beautiful Day

I feel these blog posts are getting a little repetitive…but anyway here goes; had a slow-ish start today and went for a ski with my brother who had decided it was a good idea to wear his Angry Birds onesie, I have no idea why! Therefore I left him as quickly as possible, after our parents joined us, and skied down to the valley to join Sophie and Katie. Had a fun day with them, didn’t ski loads but it was super sunny so the snow turned to slush really early.

At the end of today we had a Snow Groomer clearing loads of snow away from the hotel which was quite a sight:

I headed up to my room to get better photos until I realised there was a snow bank in the way…


Also, on a side note although quite important, it is the Nine Knights finals tomorrow! Preview of the course from Jesper Tjäder:



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