Super Busy, Snowriders Committee

So as the title suggests I have been super busy lately since getting back to uni. With work and (more importantly) submitting my manifestos and doing videos for my campaigns as I am running for both the Leeds Snowriders Secretary/Vice-President and the Merchandise Secretary I have not had a chance to do an update since arriving back!

So here it is: I haven’t been up to that much recently that isn’t related to Snowriders or work so there isn’t actually that much to say. So my last update was Monday last week and all about my ‘new’ car; since then my mum has bought a new MX-5 which is awesome (got a drive in it yesterday) and I have enjoyed driving the Audi to and from Cas. Speaking of which we had an awesome session on Saturday at Cas as well as destroying Liverpool and Manchester in the Crusty (Christie) Cup on Wednesday there too.

Little edit of Dan and Luke at Cas on Saturday:

And other than that I have been getting my campaign videos ready for publishing today, hence why I haven’t mentioned them earlier as campaigning was not allowed to start until now. So here they are:

So go join my Facebook groups (Merch or Sec/VP) to show your support and if you are at Leeds come down next week to the AGM and vote!



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