Exams and Work

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts I have just been really busy ‘revising’ for my exams which all-in-all weren’t too bad and then I was working for the last week, but now I finally have a chance to do a post so here is a quick update of what has gone on:

Since the last update I have had the Snowriders AGM and sadly I didn’t get a place on the committee for next year but I am looking forward to see what the guys who did do with the club, check out the Snowriders website for the new committee here. Keeping on the Snowriders theme we had the Summer Blowout last Friday that was wild, I can’t remember anything after the film was shown and managed to miss the raffle!!

Other things that have happened; interviews! I have now had two interviews and have a summer job. For the summer I have an 8 week project with the university to design a robotic drum kit to pair with the bass guitar that has already been built and an electric guitar that is being made in tandem with the drums so I will link you to the blog about that which all starts on Monday. My other interview was for the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy which I then had to send a video off for last Friday too to go with my application, now I am just waiting for a reply (fingers crossed) then it is the assessment centre. You can read more on their site but in short it is a worldwide search for 5 engineering students to work with them over the course of a year at both Infiniti Red Bull Racing (the F1 team) and Infiniti Motor Company.

So what else has gone on…Gumball 3000! It was right in the middle of my exams which was annoying but I followed most of it, good videos from Shmee150 and Betsafe who should be releasing their video tomorrow (technically today…). And continuing with Gumball, Jon has sold his Audi RS6 DTM and his Rebellion R2K but all so he can start a new project ready for winter which I am really interested to see. The Modball rally starts next weekend, on my birthday, which I am really looking forward to watching, might even do it next year if I am lucky!

I have also been watching the F1 a lot more closely, Le Mans this weekend and Formula Drift which I am really into at the moment. I have been following Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg on Drift Garage and watched the RADBUL build by ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett so decide I would watch a few rounds and have loved it.

RADBUL Build Series:

And finally work. I have been in work for the last week as I was home after exams and decided it was a good idea to earn some money, ended up driving the vans about loads which I love for some weird reason, drove all three but only have pictures of the two bigger ones annoyingly.

DSC_0469 DSC_0470



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