University Project and Quick Update

So as I mentioned in my previous post I am doing a project with the university over the summer, designing and building a robotic guitar and drum kit to go with the bass guitar that has already been built. I actually started yesterday and we already have some ideas of how we want to do it and now we are just waiting on parts and testing to see whether it will work. Will see if I can get a video of the ‘robo-bassist’.

I also decided to order some new stuff from Tall T as they released some more Inspired colabs and also blank t-shirts for the first time (to the best of my knowledge anyway). I bought a new ‘Ski Boss’ top and a blank black top too, of course both are in 5XL, but haven’t decided what I am going to do with the blank, might get a logo made up and printed on it (welcome to suggestions)!

blank-black-front-500x500 ski-boss-inspired-500x500

As well as buying that I need to go and look at what stuff I want from Oakley as they sent me a £20 gift voucher for my birthday (I think I spend a little too much there…). The main problem is I just bought a bunch of t-shirts from them when I was down in London last month in their Covent Garden store, also had a look at the Medusa they have there.



Few of the T-shirts I bought:

main_454350-40y_shifter-tee_fuchsia_001_73720_png_heroxlsq main_454347-20q_spoke-tee_dark-heather-grey_001_73704_png_heroxlsq

Rufus Labs has just updated their online store and is changing their provider at the end of the month so has issued a discount code to use before the 30th! It is ‘JUNE30UPDATE’ and gets you 30% off accessories so if you want to get one or upgrade the memory/add new bands etc. to your pre-order go check it out (to add extra items check out with the same email you used to place the original order), much nicer user interface.

Finished off the day today with a little BBQ with the guys in the flat downstairs, really nice and chilled and so much nicer than normal cooking, BBQ’s just are!

Finally, I have just seen that the Red Bull Air Race will have a stop in Ascot so I am working hard to see if I can go for the weekend, would me amazing! And that is about it (from no posts for a month to two in two days! Might try and keep this up, unlikely but worth a shot).



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