Birthday and Camera Comparison

Firstly, as I mentioned previously it was my birthday on Saturday (20th June) so I thought I would do a quick run down of what I got; bearing in mind I got ski boots from my parents in February after winning skis at the Snowriders Snow Ball!

For the most part I just got a little money and then my parents/brother took me to Sail and Ski in Chester and bought me some tuning equipment for my skis (iron, edge tuner, wax scraper etc.) and as well as those I also got some silly little presents (shown below and some lovely shirts from my aunt. I also got a Vue gift card so decide to go and watch Jurassic World on Saturday night with my brother and a friend from school.

Tuning Kit:


(Burton Hotstick Iron, Toko Edge Tuner Pro, Toko Nylon Base Brush and Toko 3mm Wax Scraper)

Silly little presents:

DSC_0479 DSC_0481 DSC_0482

(Think I have a good idea about what my parents are implying…)

So onto the camera comparison, I decided to get a picture of all the cars and number plates in the drive having had the plate changed from my old Polo to my mum’s new MX-5 and thought it would be a good opportunity to compare my phone camera and my Sony QX10 lens and also replace this photo:


Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (left) vs. Sony QX10 (right):

DSC_0475 DSC00162 DSC_0476 DSC00163 DSC_0477 DSC00164 DSC_0478 DSC00165

So I will let you decide which you think is better, I think the QX10 photos are richer in terms of colour and depth but the Xperia photos are a much better size/shape.



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