New House

Finally settled into the new house after a busy weekend moving stuff from home and my old flat here as well as helping a few friends move to their new places too hence the lack of posts! New House:

DSC_0500 DSC_0501 DSC_0508 DSC_0509

Quite a lot of news in this post actually; first off it is results are released on Monday, already tired of waiting! Secondly and much more important (after all there isn’t really much I can do about my grades really): I have an Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy Assessment Centre on Wednesday, one of the last 10 in Europe, last 50 Worldwide, so I need to get prepared for that this weekend!

I mentioned previously that I was designing a new logo and it is in the works; I have had a few ideas and left them in the very capable hands of fellow Snowrider and Product Design student Jordan, can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

Having now moved further from Uni (not that far though, 10min walk compared to maybe 3min) I have started cycling a lot more, I hardly used my bikes at all this year! Because of this I decided to buy some stuff for when I am cycling from Urban Experiment. I bought some foot straps a few years ago from them and love them so decided to go back to them for the other bits and pieces I want.
Large Waist Bag:


U-Lock Holder(with over-sized 50mm Belt):


Tool Pouch


Check out their eBay store!

As my Specialized Langster (2012) is black and white with red highlights I used those colours when I bought two sets of straps two years ago; one set with white main body, black strapping and red stitching the other with a black main body, white strapping and red stitching, the latter is my favourite so I bought the new stuff in the scheme. Also looking at getting a Messenger Bag from them ready for next term but that is still a while away!

Messenger Bag:


Langster (2012):


POW (Protect Our Winters) Father’s Day giveaway, I won!! So will hopefully be getting few surprises sent out by them for both my dad and me! I posted a photo on my Instagram that my mum took of me being pulled up a hill by my dad on skis when is was very little:

DPS Dreamtime with POW, keeping on the Protect Our Winter s theme DPS have their Dreatime sale on later this month 15th July – 1st August, the only time you can get a discount from them! They have teamed up with POW to do some one-of-a-kind graphics for the special editions and also donate some of the proceeds towards POW!

051-POWDPS-Header DT-SaveTheDate_blog_header



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