Lenovo Yoga vs. Lenovo Yoga 2

Here is a little rundown of my new laptop and how it compares to my old one.

Lenovo Yoga (Old):

  • i7 Intel Core (can’t remember which) – 2.0GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • 13.3″ Touch Screen
  • Silver with black internal

Lenovo Yoga 2 (New):

  • i7 Intel Core 4510U – 2.0GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD + 8GB SSD
  • 13.3″ Touch Screen
  • Silver with silver internal


  • Layout, can’t really think of any as I feel you don’t what hasn’t changed but I will no doubt think of some at a later date.
  • Awful battery life when watching films at full brightness but what else do you expect from a lightweight laptop.


  • Backlit keyboard, it is just so much easier to use at night.
  • Screen surround has expanded with a touch sensitive Windows button not an actual button as seen on the original.
  • Storage space, bigger is always better.


  • The most notable differences for me are the change to the actual body, pretty much all the ports have changed location and for me the most noticeable of these are power port and USB3.0 port which have both swapped sides and the other noticeable change is the power button has moved from the front to the side.
  • Another change I have found really annoying is the move from a full size HDMI to a micro HDMI as it means I have to carry a cable around as most of my friends have a standard HDMI linked with their TV not a micro so if I want to watch/show anything I need my own cable.

Images, I tried to find the equivalent images of the Yoga and Yoga 2 so you can have a look for yourselves and see what you think (Yoga on the left, Yoga 2 on the right):

IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Multi-angle-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-orange-front-modes-1 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Back-Side-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-silver-back-side-16 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Laptop-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-orange-front-laptop-mode-5 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Stand-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-black-front-stand-mode-3 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Tablet-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-silver-front-tablet-mode-6 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Tent-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-silver-front-tent-mode-4 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Keyboard-Closeup-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-silver-keyboard-zoom-9 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Keyboard-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-orange-keyboard-17 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Side-Views-gallery-940x529 Yoga 2 sides

And that is about it, will keep coming back and updating this as I use the laptop more.


I have just realized the header image has the laptops the wrong way round…


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