Red Bull Harbour Reach

I went down to watch the Harbour Reach event run by Red Bull in the Albert Docks in Liverpool on Saturday and decided to have a play around with my camera, forgot my QX10 lens annoyingly so no good quality close-ups but that did give me the option to try the Time-Burst function on my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. I also took a few still photos and some videos so here are some pictures from the day:

Frames from Time Burst Pictures:

DSC_000030 1 DSC_000031 1 DSC_000033 1 DSC_000039 1 DSC_000042 1 DSC_000058 1 DSC_000061 1 DSC_000061 3


DSC_0556 DSC_0557 DSC_0558 DSC_0561

I also posted a video on my Instagram on the day:

Already planning my next few weeks, only 3 weeks of my project left! Heading to the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot next month (15th August).


Only going on the Saturday but the schedule looks packed:

09:15  Calibration Flight at the Racetrack
10:00 CHALLENGERS – Training
11:00 Doors Open
12:00 Pilot Parade
13:15 Side Act – Apache
13:30 MASTERS – Training
15:00 CHALLENGERS – Qualifying
15:45 Side Act – FMX4ever
16:00 MASTERS – Qualifying
17:10 Side Act – Danny MacAskill Drop and Roll
17:30 Side Act – Chinook
17:45 Side Act – Breitling Wing Walkers
17:55 CHALLENGERS – Winners Ceremony
18:00 Pilot autograph session
18:30 Doors close

Definitely looking forward to this!



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