Road Trip

As I got a week off from my project I decided to go on a little road trip and visit a few friends dotted around the south of England as I never normally get the chance! So here are a few details about the driving and what I have been up to:

Day 1 – Hertford


  • 3:29h
  • 62.2mpg (average)
  • 54mph (average)
  • 186.9mi

The first day of driving was down to Hertford to visit my friend and old housemate, from first year, Georgia. Really nice to see here since she is now working with IBM on a placement so won’t be around Leeds for a year and I hadn’t seen her since before exams so it was super nice to catch up. Nice and comfy first drive, saw a two Ferrari 458 Speciales and what looked like a McLaren flying down the other side of the M6 Toll but didn’t have a chance to snap a picture.

Screenshot (2) (2) DSC_0543DSC_0544 DSC_0545

Day 2 – Southampton


  • 2:08h
  • 63.1mpg
  • 48mph
  • 102.4mi

After visiting Georgia the next stop was Southampton where I was staying with Sophie my skiing buddy from Engelberg. Had a relaxing afternoon before heading to the Common for a picnic, beautiful weather and tasty food.


I was intending on staying with Sophie for the rest of the week and heading to the Isle of Wight with her however she ended up in hospital with an allergic reaction on Tuesday night so that never really happened.

Screenshot (3) (2) DSC_0551 DSC_0550 DSC_0548

Day 3 – Bournemouth


  • 0:52h
  • 57.2mpg
  • 41mph
  • 35.7mi

After we decided I would go to the island with Sophie as she was just going to be curled up in bed for the rest of the week I headed over to Bournemouth to see Jim as I hadn’t seen him for 2 years (since we went on a holiday to Spain after sixth form) so it was awesome to see him again and how he was doing. He is currently doing animation at Bournemouth Uni and loving it!

Screenshot (4) (2)

Forgot to take pictures at Jim’s annoyingly.

Day 3.5 – Back to Hertford


  • 3:02h
  • 63.3mpg
  • 50mph
  • 153.3mi

After seeing Jim I headed back to Georgia’s super late (left at about 22:30, hence being day 3.5) to stay the night before driving back home on the Thursday morning. I need to say thank you to Georgia for putting up with me arriving at a ridiculous time in the morning! It was such a good drive as the roads were so empty and I could just enjoy my music and cruise along.

Screenshot (6) (2)

Day 4 – Home (Chester)


  • 3:39h
  • 66.9mpg
  • 49mph
  • 180.8mi

The final stint of driving was back home from Georgia’s, had a stop at some services for lunch and replied to a few messages from the guys on the team for the project as to how to test the new symbol servo mounts but sorted that out no problem before heading home.

Screenshot (5) (2)

Got overtaken on the M6 Toll by a train of Great Britain Cycling Team Vans:

DSC_0552 DSC_0553

Arrived home to find out my mum and dad had been in a car accident:


Now I am just having a play around with Windows 10 that I just downloaded before writing this.



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