Bike Ride

This post is hugely delayed (over a week) but I have finally got round to writing it up!

Went on another ride with LSF last week, missed it this week while having drunks with a few people from my course who are also in Leeds over the summer. Last week we went out east from Leeds down the canal which was rather entertaining as it wasn’t exactly the smoothest of tracks…it was a dirt track for the majority of the ride but was still fun, stopped off at a few pubs on the route finishing in North Bar in Leeds. So here are a few pictures from the ride:

DSC_0569 DSC_0573 DSC_0574 DSC_0577 DSC_0579

And a few more pictures from the LSF Instagram:

The prefect place to leave your bike…

Had a fun night out on Saturday, first time in ages, and went to Cosmic Slop with Mike and Connor. Very fun but very late, this photo is time stamped with 05:12am:


This didn’t really help as I was supposed to be in Liverpool at 11 that morning to move a few more things in from home, ended up getting there at 1, sorry dad…

Now onto the house; I am slowly filling the house and doing all the little repairs I can with the time available, pretty much sorted all the glaring problems now it just needs a good clean and a few little fixes here and there. While doing the work on the house and assembling all the new furniture I have started watching all the James Bond films in order. Have been watching one per day, today’s being Moonraker, the 11th out of the 23 released, Spectre being the 24th!


And that is about it for now, have a few people coming to view the house tomorrow as well as going to see Tiro Lark and a few others playing at the Library Pub tomorrow night!



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