Red Bull Air Race Weekend

It’s the weekend which means 2 things:

  1. My Uni project has finished.
  2. Red Bull Air Race is tomorrow!

The latter still hasn’t happened yet but check back tomorrow to see how it was, looking forward to it SO much but I have just realized I left my QX10 lens in my flat so won’t be able to use it! I will make the most of the slightly wider view the built-in camera on the Xperia Z1 Compact has instead but no close-up shots sadly.

ascot_track_2015 Race_Calendar

So I finished my project today, it isn’t quite complete with a little more coding to do (error 66 is being particularly annoying) and some wiring needs doing but then it should be good to go! Jimmy, who was also working on the project with me, has 3 more weeks on it to finish it off so hopefully it will be completed by the start of term. Testing:

Now I am just sat on a train waiting to get home and ready for tomorrow and slowly getting more and more annoyed that my internet keeps dropping, currently tethered to my phone.



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