Red Bull Air Race

Sorry for the delay, have had a busy few days sorting out the house and starting work again at home; but more importantly, the Red Bull Air Race!


It was amazing and there isn’t really much else to say other than that! So here are some pictures from the day (I took quite a few videos, including one of Paul Bonhomme’s qualifying run, but would need to upload them all to YouTube to share them):


DSC_0625 DSC_0622

We weren’t allowed to walk the whole way down and round the pits hence just seeing Kirby’s plane as he was the end pit.

Air Race:

DSC_0672 DSC_0671


DSC_0675 DSC_0665 DSC_0664 DSC_0629




Beautiful Weather


Pilots Parade




DSC_000034 DSC_0626

Got to see quite a few Red Bull athletes, as expected really considering it was a Red Bull event, I saw Danny MacAskill,ย Ryan Doyle, Aimee Fuller among others but I decided not to go and ask for any photos/signatures although kind of regret it now…didn’t even get round to getting the pilots signatures!

Found out a friend from school was going but sadly only on the Sunday so didn’t see him there. Came back with a few souvenirs; a snapback and a keyring along with the program for the day. I also enjoyed the fact that the cheapest drink there was Red Bull at just ยฃ1.50 for a can whereas water was ยฃ2.00!

Aircraft-Cap Remove-Before-Flight-Keyring

Coming Back from Leeds

I thought I had to share this, saw it on my way back from Leeds on Sunday:

DSC_0677 DSC_0678 DSC_0679

(It’s a Skoda Citigo)

And I thought it fitted too well to not take of photo of my Douchebags Huggers and Base all in a row:


(Hugger 35L, Hugger 30L, Hugger 60L and Base 15L)

Got a chance to go and watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on Sunday which was every entertaining and enjoyable.


I have also almost finished the James Bond series, I watch Quantum of Solace today and now it’s just Skyfall!


And that’s about it, have a few viewing this Friday for the rooms and then it is a week on my own as the rest of my family are off to Norway.



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