Infiniti Performanec Engineering Academy (IPEA)

As some of you may know I was invited to the European final of the IPEA (there were 5 regional finals: China, Russia, Europe, Saudi Arabia and the United States) for which the results were released today. Sadly I did not get the position although I am still super happy that I was in the top 10 in Europe and top 50 worldwide and well done to Daniel who got the European position!

Dan and David Moss:


And a few photos from the day:

IMG-20150817-WA0009 IMG-20150817-WA0008 IMG-20150817-WA0011

Here are a few videos about the day:

I have had some feedback from the day which I am pretty happy with; I came 6th out of the 10 which I think is respectable. It also said I was passionate but needed to be express my ideas more confidently in the group challenges and take a more active role. My exam result was above average apparently which I was amazed at as I wasn’t too happy with it. I will definitely take this on board when applying to placements for next summer and next year! Here are some photos of all the different bits and pieces I came back with from the day:

Polo and Jacket:

DSC_0521 DSC_0522

Certificate, notebook, cap, portable charger, pen, name badge and lanyard and I think that is it:

DSC_0687 DSC_0688

Also check out Racing Car Dynamics which is a blog run by another finalist of the IPEA.


(All pictures and videos from by IPEA)



  1. Hi there, I am one of the finalists from Dubai and I too did not win lol.

    Do you know how I can get the pictures and videos from the event – 23/24th December Autodrome


    1. I can’t remember where I got the pictures from! It was most likely from a press release but I might have were sent them but I don’t know who by as I really wanted the photo with the concept car. Sorry I can’t be more helpful


      1. Nevermind then. Can you please tell me about the feedback you recieved? Sounds quite unambiguously stated that you ranked 6th.

        David Moss and Rene told us that we would be recieving feedbacks but didnt say when. It’s been a month and I’m curious as a cat along with some other finalists to see where we ranked and know our shortcomings.

        Can you tell me after how many weeks you recieved yours?


        Sorry for bothering you about a really old event on your blog.



      2. Our feedback consisted of a score, rank and a few sentences which we received just over a month after the assessment centre (assessment was on July 8th, feedback was received August 17th).

        Don’t worry, its nice to know people find it and read it!


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