OverStoke Festival

Presented by Black Label Project & Snowhoes

Last weekend I decided to take a trip over to Stoke-on-Trent and go to the OverStoke Festival as the rest of my family have gone off to Norway for the week!

It was awesome to say the least, I wasn’t skiing so just chilled with a few of the other Snowriders who had come over and had a laugh. The day started with some amazing weather for anywhere except a dry slope as it was so warm everyone was just complaining!

But of course being the UK the weather turned on us and started pouring down along with some thunder and lightning to round out the jam sessions. After the jams there was an awards ceremony and raffle before the music started and continued until the small hours of the morning before we all crashed in our cars and tents. I must say it would have been so odd to arrive there on Sunday morning to go skiing and see all these people looking rather worse for wear getting out their cars and tents…

Only a few Snowriders actually rode and of them Myles was absolutely killing it! If any of you follow me on Instagram you will probably have already seen these videos. Myles had decided he no longer wanted to be known as ‘one-trick’ (he only ever did backflips before) so decide to try cork 3’s:

After this however he kept on over rotating so gave up on 3’s and jut went for 7’s instead!

I am still confused as to why the blurry phone video of a cork 3 has more likes than the GoPro video of a cork 7…

All in all it was a very entertaining day, here are a few other shots:

DSC_0692 DSC_0696 DSC_0697

This is the only photo I have from after skiing as I can’t upload the videos of Rowan dancing easily.


You can also check out #getoverstoked for even more photos of the event:

In other news I have now rented all the rooms in my house!



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