Bike Upgrades

As I am now cycling pretty much every day at Uni I decided to invest in my bike a little more having already spent some money at Urban Experiments as mentioned in a previous post.

Firstly I bought some new grips (Genetic Vein Grips, 170mm in white) to replace the bar tape that was getting worn and discoloured which hopefully won’t happen to the plastic grips, I also bought some new bar ends (Cinelli Milano in red) as well as a Specialized inner tube and pump along with a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock to replace my current Kryptonite Series 2 Lock which means a nice jump in security from a Bronze rating to a Gold rating. There was a slight problem with the shipping of my order so the pump and bar ends never made it but should be being resent and arriving soon.

Grips and Bar Ends:

hgge-vein-grp-b Anodized_Plugs_4ece175ca826e

Inner Tube and Pump:

46755 24497

Old and New Locks:

001072_608.jpg.thumb.218.218 997986_608.jpg.thumb.218.218

After that I brought my bike home from Leeds to put the new stuff on and have it serviced at The Bike Factory. I then decided to go a little mad and buy even more! So I have decided to replace my handlebars altogether having just got blisters from putting the new grips on; I have gone for some risers, a new set of bullhorns AND some drops (don’t ask me why I need so many, I don’t really know…). I then bought new grips (this time some Keirin Grips, pretty much identical to the Genetic Vein Grips but cheaper) and more Cinelli Milano bar ends. The bars I chose were all Cinelli:







All of which will be in matte black with white grips and red bar ends:

vsgrips Anodized_Plugs_4ece175ca826e

This does means I need to sell my old bullhorns, spare bar tape and bar ends; so if anyone is interested drop me a message!

I do have a few other things on my list of parts I want to buy but don’t want to spend any more at the moment, I have bought one other item that I am going to keep a secret too. Other things on my list are some deep-v wheels, a cap, a messenger bag and some shoes that I could wear all day rather than the road shoes I currently have (hence why I am not using cleats at the moment); along with possibly a new saddle too but I haven’t decided on that yet.



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