Next Car Plans (Wishlist)

Recently I have been putting some thought into what I want my next car to be as I am currently helping replace a few vehicles at work plus my brother is 17 in February so will most likely need the A1 to learn in.

My first idea was another MR2 as I loved having the first one and would like to get a more reliable and better running one but then realized that as it would be my only car it probably wouldn’t be the best choice as I would need to carry ski kit in it and bikes which really wouldn’t fit… This lead to the idea of putting a roof box on (it has been done before) so I decided to ask Jon Olsson in a recent Q&A how he attached the roof boxes to his R8 and Lamborghinis (a few shown below) so I may return to the idea of an MR2 daily with a large roof box but for now I am heading down the estate/hatchback route.

MR2 MK2 with Roof Box:

Roof Box

Jon Olsson R8:


Jon Olsson Lambos:

04112013-original-950x580 04112013-ws_Jon_Olssons_Lamborghini_Gallardo_1280x960-950x712

This has lead me to wanting another Audi, probably an A3 or A4, so I decided to have a look at what was available! I found two that I really liked for just under £7,000 and that I could insure myself on without a black box for under £1,000 which considering they are both 2.0L TDI S Line Audis that isn’t too bad. They are both from the same dealer as well, Rix Motor Company, which is located quite close to me.

A3 Quattro:

audi-a3-hatchback-diesel_26370378 audi-a3-hatchback-diesel_26370382 audi-a3-hatchback-diesel_26370384 audi-a3-hatchback-diesel_26370380

A4 Special Edition:

audi-a4-a4-estate-diesel_26310856 audi-a4-a4-estate-diesel_26310862 audi-a4-a4-estate-diesel_26310859 audi-a4-a4-estate-diesel_26310858

I then started looking into the cost of roof bars so I could carry skis easily and still have a full car of kit and passengers, this then got me onto the idea of putting a 56 Nord roof box on it as they just look SO good! The roof bars would probably be the Thule WingBar Edge as they are nice and sleek and would match the overall aesthetic of the roof box.

Tule WingBar Edge 26

After that it would just be a few little personal touches and possibly colour matching the roof box with the car to get a really clean finish; but these are all still dreams for now.

As I was driving back from Leeds today I saw a few peculiar sights. First a London bus driving down the M62 near Warrington, quite a way from London…it was on trade plates through so probably getting delivered somewhere:


I then saw a lovely looking GTD40 and Porsche Carrera Targa:

DSC_0730 DSC_0729



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