Back at Uni

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, since arriving back to Uni in fact, and considering I am now about to go into my 3rd week already I thought I would do a quick update on what has happened.

It is surprisingly easy to say what has happened since getting back to Uni because I have really done that much; I have spent way too much money with Snowriders already and that is pretty much it! From excessive drinking at the Packhorse Social in freshers week (what do you expect) to spontaneous socials on both Tuesday (HiFi) and Thursday (Warehouse) this week I haven’t had a chance to stop; not helped by going to see both The Martian and The Intern on Thursday before the Freestyle session. I am also yet to miss a session, be it Freestyle of Race, so we will have to see how long that lasts.

Get Baked before Warehouse of Thursday:

All I can say is I definitely think it is all well spent! I threw a few edits together from the first two freestyle sessions of the year yesterday:

I have also had a few house parties in between and I am currently not drinking at all which makes nights out a lot cheaper! Doing an Otley Run sober followed by Fruity yesterday was quite entertaining to say the least…

And to round out a little bit about actual Uni work; I had the Internship showcase on Wednesday which was the first time I have ever seen the drums work:

I also now know what my Individual Project is for this year, I got my 5th choice and will be looking at the ‘properties of 3D printed objects’. And that’s about it, I have some big new coming out shortly (hopefully) so keep your eyes out for that.



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