New Skis!!

I originally wrote this post back in July (first started 28th July) after ordering everything but decided to wait until it all arrived and today it did! so without wasting anymore time:

I bought some POW Special Edition DPS Wailer 112RP2s


So back in July I decided to spend the money I earned doing my summer project on a set of the POW Special Edition DPS Wailer 112RP2s, 190cm length, and they have finally arrived! Also order a bunch of other bits and pieces that you might have seen on my Instagram earlier (t-shirts, cap, stickers, poster etc.) as it seemed sensible to do it in one big order and also benefit from the free European shipping during Dreamtime. I need to give a big shout-out so Andrew Leary at DPS and all the DPS ‘Custom Ski Fitting’ guys; Andrew talked me through which ski to go with to best compliment my Head Oblivion’s and sorted out my whole order, some amazing customer service! So here are some of the official pictures of them:

pure-3-pow-wailer112rp2_3 wailer112_pdp_rocker


  • 141/112/128
  • Pure3 Construction

Also need to say a big thank you to Erme Catino at DPS for sending me a few high-res pictures of the manufacturing processes for DPS Skis:

Base Grind

Dreamtime Videos:

And all the other bits and pieces I ordered (there is quite a bit…):

sticker-pack diecut_white_1 shirt_pdp_navy_dreamtime_2 classict_black_tagless olof_poster_main labsticker dps_trucker_black

So as I mentioned at the start they finally arrived today and being the sensible person I am I had arranged for them to be sent to work (Liverpool) not Uni as someone is always available to sign for them, but that meant I would have had to wait until I either went home or get them sent to me and possibly miss the delivery so when I heard my lecture this afternoon was cancelled I jumped in my car at 2 and drove straight over! Super easy drive there and I finally got to unwrap them after a 3-month wait:

DSC_0036 1DSC_0038 1

After that I headed home for food before driving back to Leeds and avoiding the many accidents along the way: one over turned tanker, one vehicle fire and a crash involving a lorry and a van towing a trailer; but thankfully it only added an extra 15 minutes or so to the normal journey time. Once back I started attacking everything with the masses of stickers I had been sent:

So many stickers:

DSC_0042 1 DSC_0044 1


DSC_0049 1



I also have one on my laptop and these 4 that I will probably put on my car before heading up to Edinburgh at the start of next month for BUDS (British University Dryslope Championships):

DSC_0051 1

And that I think is it, the big bit of news I have been sat on for quite some time although a lot of you who know me well will have probably heard me going on about this for ages and I did edit my ‘Ski Gear‘ a while ago once I had ordered them during Dreamtime and had the order confirmed which some of you may have noticed.

All I need to do now before I can use them is head down to Nottingham to see Jon and get them drilled which I will hopefully do on the 21st November ready for Christmas skiing!




  1. I would like to buy some DPS stickers, the black background with the red DPS snowflake / ski logo. Do you have any?


    1. Hi Roger, I don’t have many left but I bought them direct from DPS, I can’t find them on the website at the moment but if you are interested in them I would suggesting emailing them ( Sorry I can’t be anymore helpful


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