Halleycat IV


100+ cyclists, 60+ competitors and compulsory skull face paint; what’s not to like…

This year was the fourth year that the Halleycat has been run but, annoyingly, only the first time I have participated having been in Leeds for the past three years! I think that’s mainly down to the fact that I haven’t been cycling much at all at uni until this year. I am so annoyed that I have not done it before and will definitely be back next year. I had an absolute blast going around town in the huge group between each of the events (track stands, sprints, skids and a circuit race) before heading to Aurelius for the after party. I got knocked out in the second round of sprints after an awful start and did pretty well in the circuit race, didn’t last long at all in the track stands and can’t skid so gave that a miss, but I will be back next year aiming for bigger and better and hopefully number 20 again. Conclusion from the night:


Next weekend is BUDS which means a few things:

  1. Road Trip (first of two this month) – As I have an important lecture on Friday about a project for one of my modules I can’t get the bus at 1am so am driving up with a full car of people in similar situation so that will no doubt be entertaining.
  2. Stickers – Seeing as I am driving my car to a Snowriders event I thought I would throw the LS sticker on and while I was at it the other few I have had waiting. Put all the ski related ones on the right of the rear window lined up with the edge of the glass and the MCM one on the left lined up with the bottom of the glass hence the slight changes in alignment.
    wpid-wp-1446471047637.jpg wpid-wp-1446471059840.jpg
  3. Mayhem – BUDS is always mad and I couldn’t go last year (I did go in my first year) so am really looking forward to it again.

Tonight is the second social of the year too, the ‘Unfair Funfair’ which has apparently got a huge plot twist in it which should be interesting along with the fact that I am still not drinking…

And finally, videos. I have done a lot of videos this term so far with Snowriders so thought I would post the two playlists I have on YouTube for anyone to watch if they want:



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