BUDS, I can’t really think of a single word to describe it that does it justice; it is so fun, mental and generally ludicrous!

It’s just BUDS

I am only writing this now as I have pretty much recovered and considering I don’t drink and it has taken me this long I dread to think how the others feel. I also missed the whole of Friday pretty much sadly as I had a lecture but had fun driving up with Tom and Pete and after that it was just non-stop partying until everyone left on Sunday morning and I headed over to my aunts. Had a really nice morning catching up with my aunt, uncle and cousins before heading back to Leeds at midday. I ended up only getting an hour outside Edinburgh before I had to pull over and sleep because I just felt so tired, ended up sleeping for an hour before getting back on the road and getting home.

Here are a few videos of the weekend:

Leeds Snowriders:

Entirety Labs:

And a few pictures:

wpid-wp-1447245101891.jpg wpid-wp-1447245091124.jpg

And our Social Sec got a little drunk…

wpid-wp-1447245149192.jpg wpid-wp-1447245143873.jpg

In other news I have got a new bike wheel just as a bit of fun:

wpid-wp-1447243258900.jpgAnd also some new shoes:

This is because I put a hole in my old ones:

Which were bought because I had put a hole in the exact some place in a previous pair…



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