New Skis Update

They have been drilled!

Well, they were drilled last week but I have been so busy with Uni work that I haven’t had a chance to write this up.

So last weekend I went on a little road trip down to Hertford Heath for Georgia’s 21st (one of my flats mates from first year) and decided that the best thing to do was a little detour to the Piste Office and get my new skis drilled. So they are now all ready for my Christmas trip!

On the topsheet of both skis was, what I believed to be, an indented serial number/build number but I am not really sure:

DSC_0111 1

It says:


From it I am pretty sure it means:

Length (190), Type (Wailer 112), Edition (POW) and I think the last bit (014) is build number but I honestly don’t have a clue.

We also had a tiny bit of snow in Leeds the other week (21st November) but it didn’t stick around very long sadly.

DSC_0107 1



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