Perfect 5 Car Garage

I know I have written a post previously about all the cars I want to own at some point (Car List) and I also discuss it a lot with Will but when I read @MrJWW’s blog post about his ‘Perfect 5 Car Garage‘ and then had a conversation with Will about what each of us would have the very next day I thought I should probably write a post about it!

The only rule is a cap of £500k per car although I don’t think any of my choices are even close to that…but without further ado, here is my perfect 5 car garage (as of today):

Toyota Celica Liftback – Classic

The Japanese version of the Mustang. Ever since seeing Toyota Celica – Japans Forgotten Fastback I have been a little obsessed with getting my hands on one of these and doing a full restoration with only the slightest of modification.

Celica MK1

BAC Mono – Track

As selfish as you can get, oh and it is road legal too.


Honda NSX-T – Daily

Having sold my MR2 t-bar I have been searching for another targa/t-bar mid-rear car to replace it, even though it doesn’t have a huge price tag it isn’t exactly common either.


Audi RS6 – Support

I have called this the support car because this is the one that could actually get me and any large amount of equipment from A to B (I do ski and cycle a lot after all) but when you look at the spec sheet you wouldn’t necessarily call it that…


Ultima Evolution

This is the one I had the hardest time deciding as I had already filled the common categories of Track, Daily, Classic and Support so the last car was a bit difficult as I wanted something that was different for everything else. I thought about a custom drift or rally cross spec car but I decided in the end it needed to be some sort of supercar or equivalent and seeing as this is my ‘perfect garage’ it had to be the new Ultima Evolution with the 1020bhp engine of course, needed something with over 1000bhp!




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