Scheffau 2015

So I thought I would do a quick update and also give a little warning before I head to Scheffau on Saturday. As I did last year I plan on hopefully doing a daily blog while away and just hope there is a little more snow! Webcams can be found here. Last year, it did get better.


As the overly organized person I am I have been packed for over a week already…

DSC_0136 1

In other news, I am working this week to make sure I can afford to go to Amsterdam and Val Thorens with Snowriders next term. And other than that not much else is going on. Had ‘Family Christmas’ over the weekend as we will be away on Christmas day which was nice, now I am just counting down the days until we go!

Oh, I did finally get the brakes or my new skis and finally got them mounted:

DSC_0124 1 DSC_0125 1 DSC_0126 1



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