Day One – Scheffau

Fun first day skiing covering 48.6km, 8,325vm and using 31lifts according to Skiline (logs every time you go through the turnstile on a lift):


Only a little snow but more than last year thankfully and the weather is beautiful!

IMG-20151220-WA0000 DSC00168

Most of the photos from today were actually taken by my brother as I haven’t been the best a documenting things recently, hence no post about the journey yesterday although it was pretty uneventful. A few more pictures from today:

Berta – Gondola number 1 here in Scheffau; it is not often that you actually get it so it’s always worth taking the picture.

DSC_0129 2

Oakley Flight Deck XM – I got an email the other day from Oakley advertising their new, smaller, Flight Deck goggles and this picture caught my eye showing just how small the newer ones are and how oversized mine are!




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