Day Eight – Home Time

Sat in the airport about to go through security but we are stupidly early, flight is not until 21:50 (it is now 18:31), so I have had a wander around the Winter Market and had some food now just watching the time go by.

DSC_0241 1.JPG

I spent some time today looking at the very green mountains and thinking of all the routes that normally exist over them which I have skied in the past. Pretty much everything in these photos is ski-able normally…

DSC_0215 1

I have skied through those trees before

DSC_0228 1

You can normally ski under this lift

DSC_0235 1

Those runs are normally A LOT wider

DSC_0236 1

This run wasn’t even open

DSC_0237 1

I never even manged to get over to that side as the run down was closed but looking at it, it probably would not have been worth it

DSC_0239 1

I have skied powder down the middle of there too

So yeah, this year was rather short on snow but I still enjoyed it and look forward to hopefully coming back next year, the main thing about the lack of snow that annoyed me was not being able to use my new skis; still unused!


Not a lot of skiing today as it was the last day and my foot was rather sore; a little swelling from where my foot appears to have been rubbing my boot meant it was rather uncomfortable to lock it in my boot.




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