Extra Day – Skiline Totals

I thought I would do an overall Skiline post collating all the days from the trip and showing the overall values.

I like the Skiline system purely because of how simple it is to use! It is a much simpler system than using a GPS app or similar on your phone as you don’t actually have to turn it on. Skiline does not require any input from the user at all, you simply go about your day and it collates the data every time your lift pass is scanned to allow you onto a lift. This is then used to calculate vertical meters covered, slope distance, no. lifts and length and finally ‘Minutes of Fun’ (how long you spent skiing).

The only downside to this method are the inaccuracies in the distance you ski, it takes an average of the routes that can be taken between two lifts, and the lack of speed data. But anyway, here are my days skiing:

Day One:


Day Two:


Day Three:


Day Four:


Day Five:


Day Six:


Day Seven:


Day Eight:



Vertical Meters: 52,004

Lifts: 165

Days: 8

Downhill Distance: 305.8 km



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