More New Ski Kit

As you many have seen last week I got a new helmet; only due to the fact that I cracked my old one but that is by the by. I got a new version of my old helmet, the POC Receptor Bug, in green:


I have just added some more new kit now too, some new ski trousers. Being a big Oakley fan I am part of their loyalty scheme and received a voucher from them for £5 just before Christmas. It was only valid until the end of January and seeing as I am only at home for the next two weeks and working next week this week seemed like the obvious time to go in and spend it! So I did and decided after rather a long time looking to get myself some Oakley Task Force Insulated Cargo Trousers:


While I was there I also picked up some new long sleeved tops, this one is my favourite:


If anyone else is as big a fan of Oakley as me I can’t urge you enough to get a Loyalty card! You get 5% off every purchase and discount vouchers at different times during the year equivalent to 5% of what you spend, or that is my understanding anyway. They also send you a voucher for your birthday too!



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