Busy but not busy

I know my blog has been lacking lately, the last post was on the 04/01/2016 so over 2 months ago now and I would like to say a lot has happened since then but, as the title suggests, not much really has…I have just had a huge amount of uni work and deadlines, a few things have happened with Snowriders, more on that later, and that is about it, oh and it snowed in Leeds twice. My project (a few parts shown below) is now getting somewhere and I am getting on top of my deadlines so I thought I would do a blog post.

So first of an update about my car situation, as I think I have mentioned previously, my brother is now 17 and learning to drive therefore in a few weeks the Audi is going home for him to practice in meaning I will be left car less although hopefully not for too long (scheming to get something for my 21st in June).

Secondly my bike situation; as you may have seen, over Christmas I managed to hit my head pretty hard smash my helmet while skiing. Due to this I decided it would be sensible to start wearing a helmet while cycling too, something I hadn’t done for a good few years, so I bought myself a POC Crane Pure helmet. While I was getting that I also decided to get some new cycling shoes as I had changed my pedals over from flats with straps to cleats and my road shoes were not exactly the best for walking around uni. Therefore, I decided to get some Specialized 2FO shoes which I am now wearing on a daily basis! I have also applied for a job as a Deliveroo Courier and had fun cycling around in circles up and down the new car park by the gym at uni.


POC Crane Pure


Specialized 2FO

Uni Car Park:

Finally, Snowriders. Well the Val Thorens Easter Trip went live at the start of the term and I got a place so from next Friday (18/03/2016) expect a daily past as I have done previously and then the following week I am in Engelberg so more posts and more skiing. This term there have been a few Snowriders events, the largest being our own festival (First Tracks) which we hosted at Beaver Works in Leeds and was an awesome afternoon with a Jib followed by night of fun. We have also had BUiSC finals, a round of Kings and a few trips to Top Gun.

Conditions in Engelberg today:

I have also seen a few films (Deadpool, Grimsby and Triple 9 to name a few) and I think that covers everything really, back up to speed and hopefully I will be back to more regular posting soon.




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