Val Thorens and Engelberg

Although my plan was a daily blog while away that didn’t really happen last week, VT with Leeds Snowriders was a bit much to say the least!! I am now sat in a fairly busy Manchester Airport departure lounge on the way to Engelberg with my family so will hopefully be more capable at blogging this week.

Annoyingly I didn’t take many pictures at all while in VT, another reason no post were written, but it was awesome to say the least! 36km average skiing per day and that includes one day with 3.6km skied and one day I didn’t ski at all so I definitely got a good amount done and covered most of the three valleys. Top speed was 117km/h which isn’t my greatest but quite good considering I smashed my head at Christmas skiing.

Had some fun filming with Ross from Entirety Labs so I am looking forward to seeing what comes from that, here is a short video he did while out in VT with us.

And that is about it, now I just have to sit here and wait for my plane and eventually skiing tomorrow in Engelberg. Looking forward to seeing Sophie again, haven’t seen her for over six months and not skied with her since this time last year so it will be nice to catch up.



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