Engelberg 2016 – Day 3

Today was pretty fun although I did finish a little early, at 3, due to the snow turning to glue and not being very enjoyable but that is what you get when you are skiing at Easter! Only started tracking my skiing 45 minutes after I actually started and then my phone died at about quarter to three so I am fairly sure I did more than the 14.42km it says I did…I also hit a top speed of 94km/h which isn’t too bad.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to a dusting of fresh snow, just a few centimeters but it made today a lot of fun especially after the weather cleared up.

Got a chance to go down Steinberg which was lovely at the top as seen in my Instagram clip:

But the snow got a lot heavier as I went down as well as firmer but it was still a lot of fun! Here is the raw footage from the whole of Steinberg, I still haven’t put any stickers or GoPro mounts on my new helmet so decided my dad could wear the GoPro instead:

The person in white at the end that my dad talks to is a local legend know as Snowflake and it is well worth watching the video DPS did with him as part of the Shadow Campaign this season:

On a side note Ross from Entirety posted some photos from VT last week which are awesome, I don’t feature in many thankfully but am quite pleased with one that I do:



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