Engelberg 2016 – Day 5

Clouds…lots and lots of clouds

So unlike yesterday I woke up to a bit of a different view, or lack there of for that matter. Today was a compete whiteout when I got up, that meant a nice and leisurely breakfast before eventually heading out and going to the very top to see if it was any better, it wasn’t, although it did start to clear at times.

The wind was not helping at all and you would suddenly go from fairly clear to nothing in less than a minute and vice versa!

After a whole 4.69km of skiing, and feeling like I had half a clouds worth of moisture on my goggles and helmet, my dad and I decided to go and join my mum and brother in the valley for a relaxing day at Eienwäldli.

After a good soak we headed back up the mountain for lunch and found that it had cleared up some what.

So after a short lunch we headed out again hoping for some better luck! And we were indeed lucky, managed to get to the top to see a beautiful temperature inversion. As expected the snow was really good until we hit about 2000m and it just turned to mush.

DSC_0384 1

In total I managed 11.33km of skiing today in less than 3hours which isn’t too bad considering the conditions and compared to last week in VT where on similar days I managed 3.59km and 0km I am pretty happy. The fact that it did clear up helped but now it has closed in again so I can only hope tomorrow is better.



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