Engelberg 2016 – Day 6

I feel like everyone of the posts so far this week has mainly been about the weather but I can’t really help it as it has such an impact on the conditions. So, today’s weather…much better compared to yesterday as we could actually see but still fairly hazy.

Didn’t rush out too early today but got a fair amount of skiing in but it was very warm so the snow was already going mushy and gluey before midday and that was above 2000m! Did manage one run down to the village which was fun but didn’t make me want to go again.

We had lunch up at the pizzeria in the top station on Titlis today which was nice, a change from my usual ritual of Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch everyday. It also gave me a chance to look out over the mountains on the non-skiing side of Titlis. I did take a bit of a tumble on the way down after but walked away unlike at Christmas.

The haziness did clear up a little towards the end of the day although it is now just ridiculously windy again! Only two more days left before I head home so I am hoping for either loads of unexpected snow or some beautiful blue skies but we will have to wait and see.



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