Engelberg 2016 – Day 7

Well today probably ranks highly as one of the worst days I have had in Engelberg in terms of skiing! The weather today looks fairly good on the webcams until you go outside and realize just how windy it is. Last night the wind was apparently over 120km/h and has only died down a little meaning none of the lifts could be opened today and if they did open first thing they were closed again by 1030. Because of this I have done a total of one run and that was through slush down to the village where it was 15degrees; before coming back to the hotel and sitting in the bar for the rest of the day playing cards and relaxing, which is where I am writing this rather early post from now.

One of the only lifts that was open bringing all the chairs in at 1030…

The village was also looking rather green so I will not be surprised if the run down is closed tomorrow!

Map showing what lifts are open (everything below Trübsee is a beginner slope and extremely slushy):

Map Closed



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