Engelberg 2016 – Day 8

Almost a week after getting back and I have finally had the chance to write a post about my last day in Engelberg. This week I have been busy working mainly and catching up on TV and YouTube, I have also been to the cinema to make use of my Cineworld Unlimited Card as I haven’t used it in quite a while so the blog has been on the back-burner. Anyway, onto how my last day in Engelberg was:

Well first off, the weather was beautiful! Some clouds but mainly sun all day. First thing in the morning a lot of the lifts were closed due to wind however the majority opened by the end of the day and I think I skied the most I did in one day (35.85km).

I also got a chance to go on Aelplerseil, a tiny little 8 person cable car tucked away on the run down to the village, which I hadn’t done in a very long time.

Ended up doing a full ski day before heading to the hotel and packing everything into the douchebags ready to head to the train station. Managed to get all the bags and myself into a gondola and get down to the valley but we missed our intended train so had a drink in the sun which I can’t really complain about. The village was bathed in glorious sunshine and nice and warm so an hour waiting wasn’t much of a hardship.

The village and lower slopes were looking rather green as we left and there was evidence of the warm weather impacting the snow pack at higher elevations too so I was not too bothered about leaving when we did:

However the most annoying part about leaving then after a week of fairly slushy snow and a green valley is the fact it started snowing again this week!

All in all Engelberg this year was amazing as always, especially on my new DPS Wailers, I might even have to get some more DPS skis…

DSC_0485 1



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