Aeronautical – Red Bull Air Race! And anything else aeronautical related.

Cars – All posts that have any mention or sections related to cars whether it is work I have done on one of my own cars or just a car I have spotted/news about a car I am interested in.

Cycling – Anything and everything relating to bikes, fixie, mountain and BMX. I have them all but the majority is focused around fixie riding.

Douchebags – As there were so many posts about them they got their own category!

Films – Anything relating to films I have watched, reviews or just mentioning I have seen it.

Me (Life) – Posts in here are just about life and the universe really, most likely me ranting about something or just commenting on how my day was and what I did.

Reviews – I decide to make a section for any product/service reviews I do, some are very short with just a brief description of my thoughts while others I go into much more depth about different aspects.

Snow – Skiing and snowboarding are a major part of my life, I love them so this category just has all the posts to do with them.

Uni – Anything related to my time at University, be it work or fun.

Watersports – All posts and picture about watersports either my own trips or events I have been to; encompassing sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and surfing


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