Busy but not busy

I know my blog has been lacking lately, the last post was on the 04/01/2016 so over 2 months ago now and I would like to say a lot has happened since then but, as the title suggests, not much really has…I have just had a huge amount of uni work and deadlines, a few things have happened with Snowriders, more on that later, and that is about it, oh and it snowed in Leeds twice. My project (a few parts shown below) is now getting somewhere and I am getting on top of my deadlines so I thought I would do a blog post.

So first of an update about my car situation, as I think I have mentioned previously, my brother is now 17 and learning to drive therefore in a few weeks the Audi is going home for him to practice in meaning I will be left car less although hopefully not for too long (scheming to get something for my 21st in June).

Secondly my bike situation; as you may have seen, over Christmas I managed to hit my head pretty hard smash my helmet while skiing. Due to this I decided it would be sensible to start wearing a helmet while cycling too, something I hadn’t done for a good few years, so I bought myself a POC Crane Pure helmet. While I was getting that I also decided to get some new cycling shoes as I had changed my pedals over from flats with straps to cleats and my road shoes were not exactly the best for walking around uni. Therefore, I decided to get some Specialized 2FO shoes which I am now wearing on a daily basis! I have also applied for a job as a Deliveroo Courier and had fun cycling around in circles up and down the new car park by the gym at uni.


POC Crane Pure


Specialized 2FO

Uni Car Park:

Finally, Snowriders. Well the Val Thorens Easter Trip went live at the start of the term and I got a place so from next Friday (18/03/2016) expect a daily past as I have done previously and then the following week I am in Engelberg so more posts and more skiing. This term there have been a few Snowriders events, the largest being our own festival (First Tracks) which we hosted at Beaver Works in Leeds and was an awesome afternoon with a Jib followed by night of fun. We have also had BUiSC finals, a round of Kings and a few trips to Top Gun.

Conditions in Engelberg today:

I have also seen a few films (Deadpool, Grimsby and Triple 9 to name a few) and I think that covers everything really, back up to speed and hopefully I will be back to more regular posting soon.




Car Art

I thought I would do a little picture post today as Speedhunters released another Automotive Art Showcase which reminded me of their last one and some of my favourite art work ever.

I found out about Douglas Breuninger after Speedhunters second Automotive art work feature: Inspired By Your Automotive Art: Showcase 2, which featured a few of his pieces (the header image). So I thought I would put a little gallery up of my favourite pieces from his Notable Rides series:


Perfect 5 Car Garage

I know I have written a post previously about all the cars I want to own at some point (Car List) and I also discuss it a lot with Will but when I read @MrJWW’s blog post about his ‘Perfect 5 Car Garage‘ and then had a conversation with Will about what each of us would have the very next day I thought I should probably write a post about it!

The only rule is a cap of £500k per car although I don’t think any of my choices are even close to that…but without further ado, here is my perfect 5 car garage (as of today):

Toyota Celica Liftback – Classic

The Japanese version of the Mustang. Ever since seeing Toyota Celica – Japans Forgotten Fastback I have been a little obsessed with getting my hands on one of these and doing a full restoration with only the slightest of modification.

Celica MK1

BAC Mono – Track

As selfish as you can get, oh and it is road legal too.


Honda NSX-T – Daily

Having sold my MR2 t-bar I have been searching for another targa/t-bar mid-rear car to replace it, even though it doesn’t have a huge price tag it isn’t exactly common either.


Audi RS6 – Support

I have called this the support car because this is the one that could actually get me and any large amount of equipment from A to B (I do ski and cycle a lot after all) but when you look at the spec sheet you wouldn’t necessarily call it that…


Ultima Evolution

This is the one I had the hardest time deciding as I had already filled the common categories of Track, Daily, Classic and Support so the last car was a bit difficult as I wanted something that was different for everything else. I thought about a custom drift or rally cross spec car but I decided in the end it needed to be some sort of supercar or equivalent and seeing as this is my ‘perfect garage’ it had to be the new Ultima Evolution with the 1020bhp engine of course, needed something with over 1000bhp!




BUDS, I can’t really think of a single word to describe it that does it justice; it is so fun, mental and generally ludicrous!

It’s just BUDS

I am only writing this now as I have pretty much recovered and considering I don’t drink and it has taken me this long I dread to think how the others feel. I also missed the whole of Friday pretty much sadly as I had a lecture but had fun driving up with Tom and Pete and after that it was just non-stop partying until everyone left on Sunday morning and I headed over to my aunts. Had a really nice morning catching up with my aunt, uncle and cousins before heading back to Leeds at midday. I ended up only getting an hour outside Edinburgh before I had to pull over and sleep because I just felt so tired, ended up sleeping for an hour before getting back on the road and getting home.

Here are a few videos of the weekend:

Leeds Snowriders:

Entirety Labs:

And a few pictures:

wpid-wp-1447245101891.jpg wpid-wp-1447245091124.jpg

And our Social Sec got a little drunk…

wpid-wp-1447245149192.jpg wpid-wp-1447245143873.jpg

In other news I have got a new bike wheel just as a bit of fun:

wpid-wp-1447243258900.jpgAnd also some new shoes:

This is because I put a hole in my old ones:

Which were bought because I had put a hole in the exact some place in a previous pair…


Halleycat IV


100+ cyclists, 60+ competitors and compulsory skull face paint; what’s not to like…

This year was the fourth year that the Halleycat has been run but, annoyingly, only the first time I have participated having been in Leeds for the past three years! I think that’s mainly down to the fact that I haven’t been cycling much at all at uni until this year. I am so annoyed that I have not done it before and will definitely be back next year. I had an absolute blast going around town in the huge group between each of the events (track stands, sprints, skids and a circuit race) before heading to Aurelius for the after party. I got knocked out in the second round of sprints after an awful start and did pretty well in the circuit race, didn’t last long at all in the track stands and can’t skid so gave that a miss, but I will be back next year aiming for bigger and better and hopefully number 20 again. Conclusion from the night:


Next weekend is BUDS which means a few things:

  1. Road Trip (first of two this month) – As I have an important lecture on Friday about a project for one of my modules I can’t get the bus at 1am so am driving up with a full car of people in similar situation so that will no doubt be entertaining.
  2. Stickers – Seeing as I am driving my car to a Snowriders event I thought I would throw the LS sticker on and while I was at it the other few I have had waiting. Put all the ski related ones on the right of the rear window lined up with the edge of the glass and the MCM one on the left lined up with the bottom of the glass hence the slight changes in alignment.
    wpid-wp-1446471047637.jpg wpid-wp-1446471059840.jpg
  3. Mayhem – BUDS is always mad and I couldn’t go last year (I did go in my first year) so am really looking forward to it again.

Tonight is the second social of the year too, the ‘Unfair Funfair’ which has apparently got a huge plot twist in it which should be interesting along with the fact that I am still not drinking…

And finally, videos. I have done a lot of videos this term so far with Snowriders so thought I would post the two playlists I have on YouTube for anyone to watch if they want:


Next Car Plans (Wishlist)

Recently I have been putting some thought into what I want my next car to be as I am currently helping replace a few vehicles at work plus my brother is 17 in February so will most likely need the A1 to learn in.

My first idea was another MR2 as I loved having the first one and would like to get a more reliable and better running one but then realized that as it would be my only car it probably wouldn’t be the best choice as I would need to carry ski kit in it and bikes which really wouldn’t fit… This lead to the idea of putting a roof box on (it has been done before) so I decided to ask Jon Olsson in a recent Q&A how he attached the roof boxes to his R8 and Lamborghinis (a few shown below) so I may return to the idea of an MR2 daily with a large roof box but for now I am heading down the estate/hatchback route.

MR2 MK2 with Roof Box:

Roof Box

Jon Olsson R8:


Jon Olsson Lambos:

04112013-original-950x580 04112013-ws_Jon_Olssons_Lamborghini_Gallardo_1280x960-950x712

This has lead me to wanting another Audi, probably an A3 or A4, so I decided to have a look at what was available! I found two that I really liked for just under £7,000 and that I could insure myself on without a black box for under £1,000 which considering they are both 2.0L TDI S Line Audis that isn’t too bad. They are both from the same dealer as well, Rix Motor Company, which is located quite close to me.

A3 Quattro:

audi-a3-hatchback-diesel_26370378 audi-a3-hatchback-diesel_26370382 audi-a3-hatchback-diesel_26370384 audi-a3-hatchback-diesel_26370380

A4 Special Edition:

audi-a4-a4-estate-diesel_26310856 audi-a4-a4-estate-diesel_26310862 audi-a4-a4-estate-diesel_26310859 audi-a4-a4-estate-diesel_26310858

I then started looking into the cost of roof bars so I could carry skis easily and still have a full car of kit and passengers, this then got me onto the idea of putting a 56 Nord roof box on it as they just look SO good! The roof bars would probably be the Thule WingBar Edge as they are nice and sleek and would match the overall aesthetic of the roof box.

Tule WingBar Edge 26

After that it would just be a few little personal touches and possibly colour matching the roof box with the car to get a really clean finish; but these are all still dreams for now.

As I was driving back from Leeds today I saw a few peculiar sights. First a London bus driving down the M62 near Warrington, quite a way from London…it was on trade plates through so probably getting delivered somewhere:


I then saw a lovely looking GTD40 and Porsche Carrera Targa:

DSC_0730 DSC_0729


Infiniti Performanec Engineering Academy (IPEA)

As some of you may know I was invited to the European final of the IPEA (there were 5 regional finals: China, Russia, Europe, Saudi Arabia and the United States) for which the results were released today. Sadly I did not get the position although I am still super happy that I was in the top 10 in Europe and top 50 worldwide and well done to Daniel who got the European position!

Dan and David Moss:


And a few photos from the day:

IMG-20150817-WA0009 IMG-20150817-WA0008 IMG-20150817-WA0011

Here are a few videos about the day:

I have had some feedback from the day which I am pretty happy with; I came 6th out of the 10 which I think is respectable. It also said I was passionate but needed to be express my ideas more confidently in the group challenges and take a more active role. My exam result was above average apparently which I was amazed at as I wasn’t too happy with it. I will definitely take this on board when applying to placements for next summer and next year! Here are some photos of all the different bits and pieces I came back with from the day:

Polo and Jacket:

DSC_0521 DSC_0522

Certificate, notebook, cap, portable charger, pen, name badge and lanyard and I think that is it:

DSC_0687 DSC_0688

Also check out Racing Car Dynamics which is a blog run by another finalist of the IPEA.


(All pictures and videos from by IPEA)

Red Bull Air Race

Sorry for the delay, have had a busy few days sorting out the house and starting work again at home; but more importantly, the Red Bull Air Race!


It was amazing and there isn’t really much else to say other than that! So here are some pictures from the day (I took quite a few videos, including one of Paul Bonhomme’s qualifying run, but would need to upload them all to YouTube to share them):


DSC_0625 DSC_0622

We weren’t allowed to walk the whole way down and round the pits hence just seeing Kirby’s plane as he was the end pit.

Air Race:

DSC_0672 DSC_0671


DSC_0675 DSC_0665 DSC_0664 DSC_0629




Beautiful Weather


Pilots Parade




DSC_000034 DSC_0626

Got to see quite a few Red Bull athletes, as expected really considering it was a Red Bull event, I saw Danny MacAskillRyan Doyle, Aimee Fuller among others but I decided not to go and ask for any photos/signatures although kind of regret it now…didn’t even get round to getting the pilots signatures!

Found out a friend from school was going but sadly only on the Sunday so didn’t see him there. Came back with a few souvenirs; a snapback and a keyring along with the program for the day. I also enjoyed the fact that the cheapest drink there was Red Bull at just £1.50 for a can whereas water was £2.00!

Aircraft-Cap Remove-Before-Flight-Keyring

Coming Back from Leeds

I thought I had to share this, saw it on my way back from Leeds on Sunday:

DSC_0677 DSC_0678 DSC_0679

(It’s a Skoda Citigo)

And I thought it fitted too well to not take of photo of my Douchebags Huggers and Base all in a row:


(Hugger 35L, Hugger 30L, Hugger 60L and Base 15L)

Got a chance to go and watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on Sunday which was every entertaining and enjoyable.


I have also almost finished the James Bond series, I watch Quantum of Solace today and now it’s just Skyfall!


And that’s about it, have a few viewing this Friday for the rooms and then it is a week on my own as the rest of my family are off to Norway.


Road Trip

As I got a week off from my project I decided to go on a little road trip and visit a few friends dotted around the south of England as I never normally get the chance! So here are a few details about the driving and what I have been up to:

Day 1 – Hertford


  • 3:29h
  • 62.2mpg (average)
  • 54mph (average)
  • 186.9mi

The first day of driving was down to Hertford to visit my friend and old housemate, from first year, Georgia. Really nice to see here since she is now working with IBM on a placement so won’t be around Leeds for a year and I hadn’t seen her since before exams so it was super nice to catch up. Nice and comfy first drive, saw a two Ferrari 458 Speciales and what looked like a McLaren flying down the other side of the M6 Toll but didn’t have a chance to snap a picture.

Screenshot (2) (2) DSC_0543DSC_0544 DSC_0545

Day 2 – Southampton


  • 2:08h
  • 63.1mpg
  • 48mph
  • 102.4mi

After visiting Georgia the next stop was Southampton where I was staying with Sophie my skiing buddy from Engelberg. Had a relaxing afternoon before heading to the Common for a picnic, beautiful weather and tasty food.


I was intending on staying with Sophie for the rest of the week and heading to the Isle of Wight with her however she ended up in hospital with an allergic reaction on Tuesday night so that never really happened.

Screenshot (3) (2) DSC_0551 DSC_0550 DSC_0548

Day 3 – Bournemouth


  • 0:52h
  • 57.2mpg
  • 41mph
  • 35.7mi

After we decided I would go to the island with Sophie as she was just going to be curled up in bed for the rest of the week I headed over to Bournemouth to see Jim as I hadn’t seen him for 2 years (since we went on a holiday to Spain after sixth form) so it was awesome to see him again and how he was doing. He is currently doing animation at Bournemouth Uni and loving it!

Screenshot (4) (2)

Forgot to take pictures at Jim’s annoyingly.

Day 3.5 – Back to Hertford


  • 3:02h
  • 63.3mpg
  • 50mph
  • 153.3mi

After seeing Jim I headed back to Georgia’s super late (left at about 22:30, hence being day 3.5) to stay the night before driving back home on the Thursday morning. I need to say thank you to Georgia for putting up with me arriving at a ridiculous time in the morning! It was such a good drive as the roads were so empty and I could just enjoy my music and cruise along.

Screenshot (6) (2)

Day 4 – Home (Chester)


  • 3:39h
  • 66.9mpg
  • 49mph
  • 180.8mi

The final stint of driving was back home from Georgia’s, had a stop at some services for lunch and replied to a few messages from the guys on the team for the project as to how to test the new symbol servo mounts but sorted that out no problem before heading home.

Screenshot (5) (2)

Got overtaken on the M6 Toll by a train of Great Britain Cycling Team Vans:

DSC_0552 DSC_0553

Arrived home to find out my mum and dad had been in a car accident:


Now I am just having a play around with Windows 10 that I just downloaded before writing this.


Exams and Work

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts I have just been really busy ‘revising’ for my exams which all-in-all weren’t too bad and then I was working for the last week, but now I finally have a chance to do a post so here is a quick update of what has gone on:

Since the last update I have had the Snowriders AGM and sadly I didn’t get a place on the committee for next year but I am looking forward to see what the guys who did do with the club, check out the Snowriders website for the new committee here. Keeping on the Snowriders theme we had the Summer Blowout last Friday that was wild, I can’t remember anything after the film was shown and managed to miss the raffle!!

Other things that have happened; interviews! I have now had two interviews and have a summer job. For the summer I have an 8 week project with the university to design a robotic drum kit to pair with the bass guitar that has already been built and an electric guitar that is being made in tandem with the drums so I will link you to the blog about that which all starts on Monday. My other interview was for the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy which I then had to send a video off for last Friday too to go with my application, now I am just waiting for a reply (fingers crossed) then it is the assessment centre. You can read more on their site but in short it is a worldwide search for 5 engineering students to work with them over the course of a year at both Infiniti Red Bull Racing (the F1 team) and Infiniti Motor Company.

So what else has gone on…Gumball 3000! It was right in the middle of my exams which was annoying but I followed most of it, good videos from Shmee150 and Betsafe who should be releasing their video tomorrow (technically today…). And continuing with Gumball, Jon has sold his Audi RS6 DTM and his Rebellion R2K but all so he can start a new project ready for winter which I am really interested to see. The Modball rally starts next weekend, on my birthday, which I am really looking forward to watching, might even do it next year if I am lucky!

I have also been watching the F1 a lot more closely, Le Mans this weekend and Formula Drift which I am really into at the moment. I have been following Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg on Drift Garage and watched the RADBUL build by ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett so decide I would watch a few rounds and have loved it.

RADBUL Build Series:

And finally work. I have been in work for the last week as I was home after exams and decided it was a good idea to earn some money, ended up driving the vans about loads which I love for some weird reason, drove all three but only have pictures of the two bigger ones annoyingly.

DSC_0469 DSC_0470