Busy but not busy

I know my blog has been lacking lately, the last post was on the 04/01/2016 so over 2 months ago now and I would like to say a lot has happened since then but, as the title suggests, not much really has…I have just had a huge amount of uni work and deadlines, a few things have happened with Snowriders, more on that later, and that is about it, oh and it snowed in Leeds twice. My project (a few parts shown below) is now getting somewhere and I am getting on top of my deadlines so I thought I would do a blog post.

So first of an update about my car situation, as I think I have mentioned previously, my brother is now 17 and learning to drive therefore in a few weeks the Audi is going home for him to practice in meaning I will be left car less although hopefully not for too long (scheming to get something for my 21st in June).

Secondly my bike situation; as you may have seen, over Christmas I managed to hit my head pretty hard smash my helmet while skiing. Due to this I decided it would be sensible to start wearing a helmet while cycling too, something I hadn’t done for a good few years, so I bought myself a POC Crane Pure helmet. While I was getting that I also decided to get some new cycling shoes as I had changed my pedals over from flats with straps to cleats and my road shoes were not exactly the best for walking around uni. Therefore, I decided to get some Specialized 2FO shoes which I am now wearing on a daily basis! I have also applied for a job as a Deliveroo Courier and had fun cycling around in circles up and down the new car park by the gym at uni.


POC Crane Pure


Specialized 2FO

Uni Car Park:

Finally, Snowriders. Well the Val Thorens Easter Trip went live at the start of the term and I got a place so from next Friday (18/03/2016) expect a daily past as I have done previously and then the following week I am in Engelberg so more posts and more skiing. This term there have been a few Snowriders events, the largest being our own festival (First Tracks) which we hosted at Beaver Works in Leeds and was an awesome afternoon with a Jib followed by night of fun. We have also had BUiSC finals, a round of Kings and a few trips to Top Gun.

Conditions in Engelberg today:

I have also seen a few films (Deadpool, Grimsby and Triple 9 to name a few) and I think that covers everything really, back up to speed and hopefully I will be back to more regular posting soon.





BUDS, I can’t really think of a single word to describe it that does it justice; it is so fun, mental and generally ludicrous!

It’s just BUDS

I am only writing this now as I have pretty much recovered and considering I don’t drink and it has taken me this long I dread to think how the others feel. I also missed the whole of Friday pretty much sadly as I had a lecture but had fun driving up with Tom and Pete and after that it was just non-stop partying until everyone left on Sunday morning and I headed over to my aunts. Had a really nice morning catching up with my aunt, uncle and cousins before heading back to Leeds at midday. I ended up only getting an hour outside Edinburgh before I had to pull over and sleep because I just felt so tired, ended up sleeping for an hour before getting back on the road and getting home.

Here are a few videos of the weekend:

Leeds Snowriders:

Entirety Labs:

And a few pictures:

wpid-wp-1447245101891.jpg wpid-wp-1447245091124.jpg

And our Social Sec got a little drunk…

wpid-wp-1447245149192.jpg wpid-wp-1447245143873.jpg

In other news I have got a new bike wheel just as a bit of fun:

wpid-wp-1447243258900.jpgAnd also some new shoes:

This is because I put a hole in my old ones:

Which were bought because I had put a hole in the exact some place in a previous pair…


Halleycat IV


100+ cyclists, 60+ competitors and compulsory skull face paint; what’s not to like…

This year was the fourth year that the Halleycat has been run but, annoyingly, only the first time I have participated having been in Leeds for the past three years! I think that’s mainly down to the fact that I haven’t been cycling much at all at uni until this year. I am so annoyed that I have not done it before and will definitely be back next year. I had an absolute blast going around town in the huge group between each of the events (track stands, sprints, skids and a circuit race) before heading to Aurelius for the after party. I got knocked out in the second round of sprints after an awful start and did pretty well in the circuit race, didn’t last long at all in the track stands and can’t skid so gave that a miss, but I will be back next year aiming for bigger and better and hopefully number 20 again. Conclusion from the night:


Next weekend is BUDS which means a few things:

  1. Road Trip (first of two this month) – As I have an important lecture on Friday about a project for one of my modules I can’t get the bus at 1am so am driving up with a full car of people in similar situation so that will no doubt be entertaining.
  2. Stickers – Seeing as I am driving my car to a Snowriders event I thought I would throw the LS sticker on and while I was at it the other few I have had waiting. Put all the ski related ones on the right of the rear window lined up with the edge of the glass and the MCM one on the left lined up with the bottom of the glass hence the slight changes in alignment.
    wpid-wp-1446471047637.jpg wpid-wp-1446471059840.jpg
  3. Mayhem – BUDS is always mad and I couldn’t go last year (I did go in my first year) so am really looking forward to it again.

Tonight is the second social of the year too, the ‘Unfair Funfair’ which has apparently got a huge plot twist in it which should be interesting along with the fact that I am still not drinking…

And finally, videos. I have done a lot of videos this term so far with Snowriders so thought I would post the two playlists I have on YouTube for anyone to watch if they want:


Winter Hype

Having now pretty much moved back to Uni for the coming term (home tonight for my last night until Christmas) I have just been watching and waiting for more ski videos to be released! Here are a few of my favourite trailers/short videos:

Nimbus Independent – After The Sky Falls:

DPS The Shadow Campaign Volume II – The Weight of Winter:

The SLVSH Cup Perisher Final

And finally the Snowriders Intro video for this year:

As I have said previously I have been cycling more so decided to get myself a new jersey when the opportunity arose, here is the initial render by one of the Leeds Fixed guys (Alex Dyson):


And that is about it, only a quick update as I haven’t posted in a while, have a full house now so have been busy sorting that out and general bits and pieces ready for term to start.


Bike Upgrades

As I am now cycling pretty much every day at Uni I decided to invest in my bike a little more having already spent some money at Urban Experiments as mentioned in a previous post.

Firstly I bought some new grips (Genetic Vein Grips, 170mm in white) to replace the bar tape that was getting worn and discoloured which hopefully won’t happen to the plastic grips, I also bought some new bar ends (Cinelli Milano in red) as well as a Specialized inner tube and pump along with a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock to replace my current Kryptonite Series 2 Lock which means a nice jump in security from a Bronze rating to a Gold rating. There was a slight problem with the shipping of my order so the pump and bar ends never made it but should be being resent and arriving soon.

Grips and Bar Ends:

hgge-vein-grp-b Anodized_Plugs_4ece175ca826e

Inner Tube and Pump:

46755 24497

Old and New Locks:

001072_608.jpg.thumb.218.218 997986_608.jpg.thumb.218.218

After that I brought my bike home from Leeds to put the new stuff on and have it serviced at The Bike Factory. I then decided to go a little mad and buy even more! So I have decided to replace my handlebars altogether having just got blisters from putting the new grips on; I have gone for some risers, a new set of bullhorns AND some drops (don’t ask me why I need so many, I don’t really know…). I then bought new grips (this time some Keirin Grips, pretty much identical to the Genetic Vein Grips but cheaper) and more Cinelli Milano bar ends. The bars I chose were all Cinelli:







All of which will be in matte black with white grips and red bar ends:

vsgrips Anodized_Plugs_4ece175ca826e

This does means I need to sell my old bullhorns, spare bar tape and bar ends; so if anyone is interested drop me a message!

I do have a few other things on my list of parts I want to buy but don’t want to spend any more at the moment, I have bought one other item that I am going to keep a secret too. Other things on my list are some deep-v wheels, a cap, a messenger bag and some shoes that I could wear all day rather than the road shoes I currently have (hence why I am not using cleats at the moment); along with possibly a new saddle too but I haven’t decided on that yet.


Bike Ride

This post is hugely delayed (over a week) but I have finally got round to writing it up!

Went on another ride with LSF last week, missed it this week while having drunks with a few people from my course who are also in Leeds over the summer. Last week we went out east from Leeds down the canal which was rather entertaining as it wasn’t exactly the smoothest of tracks…it was a dirt track for the majority of the ride but was still fun, stopped off at a few pubs on the route finishing in North Bar in Leeds. So here are a few pictures from the ride:

DSC_0569 DSC_0573 DSC_0574 DSC_0577 DSC_0579

And a few more pictures from the LSF Instagram:

The prefect place to leave your bike…

Had a fun night out on Saturday, first time in ages, and went to Cosmic Slop with Mike and Connor. Very fun but very late, this photo is time stamped with 05:12am:


This didn’t really help as I was supposed to be in Liverpool at 11 that morning to move a few more things in from home, ended up getting there at 1, sorry dad…

Now onto the house; I am slowly filling the house and doing all the little repairs I can with the time available, pretty much sorted all the glaring problems now it just needs a good clean and a few little fixes here and there. While doing the work on the house and assembling all the new furniture I have started watching all the James Bond films in order. Have been watching one per day, today’s being Moonraker, the 11th out of the 23 released, Spectre being the 24th!


And that is about it for now, have a few people coming to view the house tomorrow as well as going to see Tiro Lark and a few others playing at the Library Pub tomorrow night!


New Laptop

So first off my new laptop from which I am uploading this is awesome! It is a Lenovo Yoga 2 with an almost identical spec to my old Lenovo Yoga except it has a little more memory. The reason for the upgrade is my old one broke; the fan started making huge amounts of noise and ‘revving’ when I were using it so I sent it off for repair and as some of you may have seen from my Instagram when I got it back the screen was smashed! So I took it back to John Lewis again and they decided to send me a new one instead of repairing it again so I can’t complain at all. Would have been a Yoga except they couldn’t find any in stock anywhere and the Yoga 2 was a similar price to what I paid.

Broken screen, cracks went the full way across the screen:

DSC_0529 DSC_0530

My first impression of the Yoga 2 is how much smaller and lighter it feels, will try to do a more detailed review soon.

As I mentioned in my previous post I had ordered a few bits and pieces from Urban Experiment and I am finally home today so had my first chance to see them and they are perfect, looking forward to getting back to uni and on my bike to try them out, won’t have to put up with the annoying rattling caused by mounting the lock on the frame anymore!

So here they are:

DSC_0534 DSC_0536 DSC_0537 DSC_0539 DSC_0540 DSC_0542 FB_IMG_1436308947747

Seeing as I am cycling more I decided to try and find a riding buddy and ended up finding a whole group instead, Fixed Gear Leeds! Had an awesome ride with them on Thursday night up to Eccup Reservoir for a few drinks before riding back, definitely going to be joining them more often over the rest of the summer.

Bikes ready for the ride:

I have now had the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy assessment centre that I mentioned in my last post and it was actually really good, met a load of good guys there and now it is just a waiting game until we hear the results! Ended up coming away from the day with loads of stuff (notepad, pen, cap etc.) plus a jacket and polo that we had to wear on the day so will post that all up when I get the chance.

DPS Dreamtime, I look at it every year and wish I could buy some skis and this year looks like my lucky year! I am planning on buying some skis just in time for the end of Dreamtime once I get paid! Going for the Wailer 112RP2 after having a very detailed conversation with Andrew, one of DPS’ personal ski fitters, from which we decide it was the best ski for me and the conditions/terrain I would be skiing on. Originally the POW (Protect Our Winters) special edition graphics were only going to be run on the 178cm and 184cm lengths, however after asking Andrew about whether it would be possible to get a run in the 190cm length (what I would want) I found out that there seemed to be a few people asking the same question so they are now doing a very limited of them so I just hope I am paid in time to order them within the window!

Special Edition Graphic:

pure-3-pow-wailer112rp2-tiptail_2 pure-3-pow-wailer112rp2_3

Well I am going to sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow but luckily next week I have a week off from my project so I am getting the chance to go and visit a few people on a nice little road trip around the UK but more on that next week.