Red Bull Air Race

Sorry for the delay, have had a busy few days sorting out the house and starting work again at home; but more importantly, the Red Bull Air Race!


It was amazing and there isn’t really much else to say other than that! So here are some pictures from the day (I took quite a few videos, including one of Paul Bonhomme’s qualifying run, but would need to upload them all to YouTube to share them):


DSC_0625 DSC_0622

We weren’t allowed to walk the whole way down and round the pits hence just seeing Kirby’s plane as he was the end pit.

Air Race:

DSC_0672 DSC_0671


DSC_0675 DSC_0665 DSC_0664 DSC_0629




Beautiful Weather


Pilots Parade




DSC_000034 DSC_0626

Got to see quite a few Red Bull athletes, as expected really considering it was a Red Bull event, I saw Danny MacAskill,¬†Ryan Doyle, Aimee Fuller among others but I decided not to go and ask for any photos/signatures although kind of regret it now…didn’t even get round to getting the pilots signatures!

Found out a friend from school was going but sadly only on the Sunday so didn’t see him there. Came back with a few souvenirs; a snapback and a keyring along with the program for the day. I also enjoyed the fact that the cheapest drink there was Red Bull at just ¬£1.50 for a can whereas water was ¬£2.00!

Aircraft-Cap Remove-Before-Flight-Keyring

Coming Back from Leeds

I thought I had to share this, saw it on my way back from Leeds on Sunday:

DSC_0677 DSC_0678 DSC_0679

(It’s a Skoda Citigo)

And I thought it fitted too well to not take of photo of my Douchebags Huggers and Base all in a row:


(Hugger 35L, Hugger 30L, Hugger 60L and Base 15L)

Got a chance to go and watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on Sunday which was every entertaining and enjoyable.


I have also almost finished the James Bond series, I watch Quantum of Solace today and now it’s just Skyfall!


And that’s about it, have a few viewing this Friday for the rooms and then it is a week on my own as the rest of my family are off to Norway.



Day 1 – Empty Plane…

So lets start off with the journey to the airport; it wasn’t too bad except, as expected, my douchebag didn’t really fit into my dad’s car (Mercedes-Benz E220 Saloon) so it ended up being laid down the centre of the car, not very comfy.
At the airport there were no queues at all, I had to sort my bags out as they wouldn’t let me use the douchebag as a single bag (34kg) so I split it down into my 60L Hugger and the douchebag but once that was sorted it was all good. We went through security no problem and after that it was just waiting for boarding.
I didn’t go into the lounge with the rest of my family as, of course, I was in sports shorts (my Armadas) and so wasn’t allowed in; instead I went shopping in duty free. Looked to see if they had the Oakley Holbrooks with the PRIZM lenses but they didnt so instead I bought the Sony QX10 as I have been wanting one for ages! We will have to see how the pictures turn out with it but here are a few I took waiting to board.
Oakley PRIZM Holbrooks:
Sony QX10:
Sample Pictures:
The flight over was so easy I couldn’t believe it! We were on an Airbus A320 and I counted 39 people plus a baby ao there were probably a maximum of 45 people on the plane…pretty much completely empty considering it has a 200 – 217 person capacity according to the Swiss Magazine.
Empty seats everywhere:
Magazine page:
I also got a pleasant suprise as I have been on so many budget airlines recently I forgot that Swiss gave you complimentary drinks, food and a chocolate, perfect. They also allowed me to move (probably because there was no one on the flight) to a seat with so much leg room I couldn’t believe it actually existed! It also had a cool table.
Leg room:
Empty row:
So yeah, the flight was super relaxed and comfy. I got a little carried away by the clouds and sun so here are way too many cloud photos most of which require editing but that is too much effort to do on my phone…

That is about it for the travel so far; here is a picture of me looking like even more of a douchebag than when I was going to VT as I also have my Hugger 60L attached to my douchebag!
(Thanks to my dad for the photo)
My plan for tomorrow was to get an early train on my own in the morning, aiming for the 08:47 train (not exactly that early) so that I got to Engelberg fairly early, 2:06 hour train with a change at Luzern. As I have my own kit now I don’t need to hire anything so can get there earlier and ski more plus I get to see Sophie earlier. However I am not being allowed to do this as it is a family holiday so we are leaving an hour later.
But anyway, right now I am off to get ready for tomorrow, so excited, the forcast is looking better and better!
I am starting to get the hang of posting from my phone (laptop wouldn’t connect to the hotel WiFi), this is only the second post I have done from my phone the first being the one from VT

VT Prep

Less than a week until VT! I can’t wait now, have had all my kit arrive for my new skis except my bindings (absolute nightmare) and have already almost finished packing. Thought I would do a quick update as I have been super busy getting all my kit sorted and ready for VT along with deadlines at Uni and the like; so here is what I have been up to.

Firstly, a rant about Snowinn; I ordered my bindings from here as they had the cheapest price and looking at some of the reviews they seemed quite good, how wrong I was! I ordered them on the first of March as they had a long shipping time (coming from Spain) so I was giving them the best chance to get here before the 20th when we leave, they still hadn’t been shipped five days later and it turned out that they didn’t have any in stock and were waiting for an order themselves but had failed to comment on this when I was ordering them. So after this I kept chasing them up and eventually they were shipped on the 12th, twelve days after I ordered them and only giving them eight days to get here before I leave; now it is just a waiting game staring at the tracking and hoping they arrive before Friday. It also means I haven’t been able to cancel my hire as so I am losing more money on that! Hopefully the bindings will get to the UK today or tomorrow and I will get them at the start of this week; here is the tracking so far:

Screenshot (63)

Rant over, now onto the fun stuff. Last time I did an update on my new kit I had just had my boots fitted, ordered my bag and had confirmation that my skis were on their way. Well everything has arrived, my Douchebag arrived two days after I ordered it so am super happy with the service from Snowtrax; my skis arrived on Thursday just after I had had confirmation of my bindings being shipped and I had had a class test that went well so Thursday was a pretty awesome day. Once I had my skis I called up Jon at the Piste Office to see when I could get in to get Quiver Killers installed and he said I could go on Friday afternoon and he would do them while I waited which was awesome! To top off Thursday we had the Snowriders VT meeting and pre-VT social that when off, during which I got my result from the test that day (79%) which I was so happy with I bought myself a drink even though I had no money, then again why else do you need a credit card…! Here are a few shots from the Quiver Killer install:

DSC_0161 DSC_0165 DSC_0166 DSC_0167 DSC_0168 DSC_0171 DSC_0173 DSC_0175 DSC_0178 DSC_0179 DSC_0180 DSC_0181 DSC_0182 DSC_0184 DSC_0189

I had them mounted at the recommended point as I am predominantly using them as an all mountain ski plus a little powder. Now onto other things that have happened in the last 11 days since the last update:

I became a model for the new Snowriders x bro! Clothing T-shirts:

10917861_642999399138807_1930815514837924545_n 10418345_642999379138809_5423762189604068485_n

B&E Invitational went off!

Simon Dumont’s epic backflip…

Candide Thovex destroying park after a year away:

Sadly I didn’t get to be one of Hagl√∂fs product testers but they had loads of applications so I am not too surprised. I am still waiting to hear back from Gibson Motorsport about the placement I applied to but for now all my focus is on skiing, 5 days to go! I only have one deadline with week and I have already done the work so I am not too worried at all.

Also as some of you may know I follow Jon Olsson and he has just released a new website which is well worth checking out, especially the car page.


New Boots!

So first off, my mum is amazing! She sent me money for my boots today as an early birthday present and by early I mean 108 days early or more simply 3 months and 17 days early, so very early. But that meant that I could head out today and get some boots which of course I did. I bought the Head Venture 130 with custom footbeds and had them heat fitted/moulded. For Head boots heat fitting involves the whole boot, shell and all, going into a heater before stepping into them and standing up for ages (10 minutes but it feels much longer). So now I have some super comfy custom fitted ski boots ready for Val Thorens in just over two weeks, so excited! I also need to do a big shout out to Glide & Slide who were amazing getting me fitted today and also when I went in to try boots on Sunday; I also need to apologize for turning up too early when they were rather busy but they managed to fit me in which was amazing.

Continuing on the ski kit front; I just ordered a ski bag and of course as I have mentioned before I am getting the Douchebags Douchebag. It is really hard to find one at the moment, especially in Pitch black, as loads have sold out. I was originally going to get one from Absolute-Snow but they have sold out since I last went on their site at the weekend so I have ordered one from Snowtrax which will hopefully be here soon.


The bag actually rounds out all the stuff I need to order so now it is just waiting for it all to arrive, my poles arrived yesterday and have already been opened, taken apart and put back together. Once everything has arrived I am going to head down to¬†The Piste Office to get my skis mounted with Quiver Killers and after that I have to get a few tools but that is it. Hopefully the bindings won’t take too long however¬†Snowinn are waiting for a new shipment from Salomon and have just sent me an email saying I am to expect them at the end of next week rather than the start.


Finally; I had confirmation from Luke that Wasteland have ordered my skis from Head so they are on the way to them and will be forwarded to us ASAP ready for VT!



Sorry for the reused pictures but I didn’t get a chance to take any when getting fitted.

Big News

I won a pair of skis in the raffle at the Ball!

Have been trying not to say anything as I have been waiting on the list to see what I can choose from which I got given today. I have chosen the Head Oblivion so now I just have to wait; had a huge range of choice but the only ones that were the right length were the Head Cyclic 115, Head Oblivion, Head Framewall and¬†Head The Show (seems to be a trend there…).

311304_1399290124 311424_1399290124311404_1399290124 311464_1399290124

Now I am just sorting out all my money to make sure I have funds to go a buy the rest of the stuff I need; looking at getting:

waymaker_carbon_130_alpine_boots_AE5010600 resizeImage.aspx 539x539xskis_product_2015-5062.jpg.pagespeed.ic.u7njj33GWK Douchebag_black_top45_stuff_2014

Hopefully I can afford to get Quiver Killer inserts too.


On the uni work side of things we started the Water Wheel build on Tuesday, almost finished all the basic manufacturing then it is just assembly. We also got presented with our myRIO’s from the Buggy Build competition so that is now up next to my myDAQ.

DSC_0145 DSC_0146

Mike Whiddett¬†just posted a new video on the Radbull build and it is looking ridiculous, just the fact that he is using a MX-5 chassis/frame to start with for a competitive drift car build is mad. He has had it fitted with a twin turbo rotary engine spitting out over 1000bhp on low boost… Really looking forward to the big unveiling with livery and all next to his¬†Madbull (RX-7) and Badbull (RX-8).


Home for a week

I just got back from Edinburgh, no problems during the journey there or back which was amazing and I had a very good time u there. I am now home for a week (as the title suggests) to work before I head back to Uni, Will and I are selling the MR2 now which is a shame but means I will probably replace my Polo soon! We stayed with some friends while in Edinburgh and just got to watch movies and generally relax; went to my aunt and uncle’s yesterday for the afternoon and got roped into painting the shed and hot tub house along with helping to make cakes for their party today which wasn’t too bad as I got paid in Celebrations (sweets), cake and icing! I also got a few extra presents from my aunt continuing the penguin theme…



Extra icing to eat:


Watched loads of ski movies, definitely have withdrawal symptoms from not skiing; I have watched McConkey, Valhalla, Tracing Skylines and have just started All.I.Can. (who knew Netflix had so many good movies). I also downloaded Higher, Jeremy Jones and Teton Gravity, which meant I have finally got the set: Deeper, Further and Higher and there are all awesome. I also watched The Interview on Monday and all I can say is that film is ridiculous!

Higher on the train home:


Took some pictures on the way there and back as the sky was beautiful but some of the pictures aren’t very good quality:

DSC_0020 DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0013 DSC_0015 DSC_0018 DSC_0019

Now I am just relaxing, going rounds as a family to some friends to celebrate, next post will be in the new year, so until then Happy New Year and enjoy your evening!


Off to Edinburgh

Having only got home yesterday I am already off again, this time to Edinburgh! Really nice to spend a night at home even if all I have done this morning is washings and packing; also had a chance to look at what skis I like at the moment along with a few other bits and pieces. It was super misty this morning however it has now brightened up and is really nice.

DSC_0938 IMG_20141228_135009 DSC_0940

My room:


Got some of my Christmas presents out, already used on set of laces.

DSC_0943 DSC_0944

Brought a bottle of Almdudler back with me yesterday, one of my favourite drinks, so have packed that for the journey up.



DSC_0941 DSC_0942

Ski kit and presents ready to go back to uni:


At the moment these are the skis I want; I also have a list of all the other kit I want too including a snowboard.

Blizzard Spur

_1200x0r_8A4110 00 001

DPS Wailer 105


Faction Candide 1.0


Also had a look at the Candide 2.0 but I would prefer the Wailer 105 for my middle width ski.


The whole ski kit list, pretty much just bindings for each set up along with poles (simple aluminium ones):

Screenshot (5)

Now I am about to leave for the station, expected to arrive at about 18:30 so hopefully the journey will go much better than our journey back from Edinburgh last time or our journey home yesterday. I have also started looking at Engelberg for Easter and it looks like we are going to head out for a week on the 5th of April which should be good and I will hopefully see Sophie who I met while skiing there a few years ago, will just have to see if these plans take shape.


Finally Home

Got home about an hour ago after out flight was delayed on top of having to change buses at the start of the transfer due to problems, not the best journey! A lot of time was spent staring at the departure screen:


The flight was actually fairly empty and I moved to the emergency exit seats again so got extra leg room. Spent the flight sorting out my iTunes and watching season one of the Faction Collective along with Afterglow and Half Way Home by [Unity] Productions.

DSC_0935 DSC_0934

But eventually we got to Manchester; my happy Douchebag on the conveyor belt:


Ended up using the ice scrapper I got for Christmas on my Dad’s car when we got back as the boot was frozen shut! Now we are home and I have already started washings ready to go to Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon, not much time to get sorted at all. Now it is time to catch up on some sleep.


Day Seven – Last Day

Early post today as we are heading home in a bit; fairly slow last day, up early-ish (8:45 I think) and skied quite a bit then met up with my family at about 10 and skied a little more before heading for an early lunch as it was freezing! Had a long lunch then headed over to get the lift down as we need to be down by 2 so we are packed and ready at 2:55 for the coach to the airport.

It was a very grey day again but the clouds were much higher than the last two days which meant it was clear but it just felt bleak. I went through the park a few times yesterday and twice today but it wasn’t the full park, only about 4 features, so I just hit a little box and that was about it. Didn’t film anything of me on my GoPro over the whole holiday as there wasn’t enough snow at the start of the week and it was dead when I wanted to use it yesterday, I was not happy as I was first up and there was a little powder! However I did film my cousin for his GCSE PE. I took a few pics today:

It looked nice at the start of the day:


Grey panorama:


It was just grey really…

DSC_0929 DSC_0928 DSC_0926 DSC_0927 DSC_0930

That’s about it for now, just packed up ready for the coach to the airport. Had a look at the Oakley Factory Park Glove as we were leaving Hansi’s (the hire shop) to replace my Oakley Sadplant gloves as they are well used and have a small hole in but I decided not to get them as they are not really needed at the moment and the only reason I really looked was because I had 40‚ā¨ to spend, cost 39‚ā¨, but I think I will just keep it for Easter. Might by the gloves at home in the sales next year, just had a look now actually and I can get them cheaper from Freeze Pro Shop¬†here and in a better colour (the Aubergine colouring is much nicer than the Grigio Scuro, Black or Skydiver Blue).

Current gloves:


Gloves available at Hansi’s:

oakley_factory_park_gloves oakley_factory_park_gloves_1 oakley_factory_park_gloves_3

Gloves I will probably buy:


Squeezed everything into my Douchebags ready to go, now I am just having a drink looking at Facebook etc. waiting for a new coach as the one that just arrived is broken, good start to the journey home…


Day Three – Sun

As my family say it was ‘Christmas jersey weather’ today which for me means a 5XL Inspired hoodie, so comfy! But honestly it was super warm; 8 degrees Celsius all day pretty much with blue skies with maybe a few wisps of clouds. Skied quite a lot as I was up on one of the first lifts just after 8:30 and didn’t get the lift down until 4. According to Skiline (logs you going through the turnstile at each lift) I went on 33 lifts, skied 52km and covered 8,426vm which isn’t too bad. I topped out at 91kmph according to my GPS ski app (iSki Tracker), not as fast as my 109kmph yesterday in Hintertux but then again there was a lot more space there and much nicer snow. The fastest I have ever recorded is 139kmph, which was in Val Thorens at Easter. Sadly the park hasn’t been open and I doubt it will be all week, a few people have dug in one of the boxes and some gas pipes so I might hit them later in the week. Took quite a few pictures, especially of the Wilder Kaiser (group of peaks opposite the ski area) amongst others.

DSC_0859 DSC_0862 DSC_0866

Due to big queues to get down the mountain as the run down is closed due to lack of snow I decided to go in the old gondola which was a nice change:

DSC_0868 DSC_0869 DSC_0874

View of the new gondola and the end of the Wilder Kaiser:

DSC_0872 DSC_0880

It was funny looking at the other side of the valley where the run from the village to the gondola station normally is as the patches from the snow cannons made it look like a golf course:


And a quick shout out to klutched on Newschoolers for the Thorin Yater Wallace/Torin Oakenshield picture and description:


Check out the picture on Newschoolers here and read the details below it. Here is the original of Torin Yater Wallace (or at least an educated guess at the likely original):


Also for anyone interested Jon Olsson is running a competition until 1800 tomorrow to win a¬†Slim Jim (single ski bag from Douchebags) all you need to do is comment on the¬†post saying why you should get it; I personally don’t need one at the moment (I have no skis of my own) and if I bought a ski bag would definitely get ‘The Douchebag‘, the original Douchebag.

Finally… Will believes that the problem with the MR2 is a split head gasket which would be a pretty big job to try and replace so I might get some quotes on how much otherwise I think we will be selling/scrapping it and getting the money back on the insurance.

So the plan is to head to Kaprun tomorrow which should be good, another glacier, and it will also mean I can add another map to my collection so I will update you all on that when I get back if I have time as we have a busy evening tomorrow as it is Christmas Eve.