More New Ski Kit

As you many have seen last week I got a new helmet; only due to the fact that I cracked my old one but that is by the by. I got a new version of my old helmet, the POC Receptor Bug, in green:


I have just added some more new kit now too, some new ski trousers. Being a big Oakley fan I am part of their loyalty scheme and received a voucher from them for £5 just before Christmas. It was only valid until the end of January and seeing as I am only at home for the next two weeks and working next week this week seemed like the obvious time to go in and spend it! So I did and decided after rather a long time looking to get myself some Oakley Task Force Insulated Cargo Trousers:


While I was there I also picked up some new long sleeved tops, this one is my favourite:


If anyone else is as big a fan of Oakley as me I can’t urge you enough to get a Loyalty card! You get 5% off every purchase and discount vouchers at different times during the year equivalent to 5% of what you spend, or that is my understanding anyway. They also send you a voucher for your birthday too!



New Skis!!

I originally wrote this post back in July (first started 28th July) after ordering everything but decided to wait until it all arrived and today it did! so without wasting anymore time:

I bought some POW Special Edition DPS Wailer 112RP2s


So back in July I decided to spend the money I earned doing my summer project on a set of the POW Special Edition DPS Wailer 112RP2s, 190cm length, and they have finally arrived! Also order a bunch of other bits and pieces that you might have seen on my Instagram earlier (t-shirts, cap, stickers, poster etc.) as it seemed sensible to do it in one big order and also benefit from the free European shipping during Dreamtime. I need to give a big shout-out so Andrew Leary at DPS and all the DPS ‘Custom Ski Fitting’ guys; Andrew talked me through which ski to go with to best compliment my Head Oblivion’s and sorted out my whole order, some amazing customer service! So here are some of the official pictures of them:

pure-3-pow-wailer112rp2_3 wailer112_pdp_rocker


  • 141/112/128
  • Pure3 Construction

Also need to say a big thank you to Erme Catino at DPS for sending me a few high-res pictures of the manufacturing processes for DPS Skis:

Base Grind

Dreamtime Videos:

And all the other bits and pieces I ordered (there is quite a bit…):

sticker-pack diecut_white_1 shirt_pdp_navy_dreamtime_2 classict_black_tagless olof_poster_main labsticker dps_trucker_black

So as I mentioned at the start they finally arrived today and being the sensible person I am I had arranged for them to be sent to work (Liverpool) not Uni as someone is always available to sign for them, but that meant I would have had to wait until I either went home or get them sent to me and possibly miss the delivery so when I heard my lecture this afternoon was cancelled I jumped in my car at 2 and drove straight over! Super easy drive there and I finally got to unwrap them after a 3-month wait:

DSC_0036 1DSC_0038 1

After that I headed home for food before driving back to Leeds and avoiding the many accidents along the way: one over turned tanker, one vehicle fire and a crash involving a lorry and a van towing a trailer; but thankfully it only added an extra 15 minutes or so to the normal journey time. Once back I started attacking everything with the masses of stickers I had been sent:

So many stickers:

DSC_0042 1 DSC_0044 1


DSC_0049 1



I also have one on my laptop and these 4 that I will probably put on my car before heading up to Edinburgh at the start of next month for BUDS (British University Dryslope Championships):

DSC_0051 1

And that I think is it, the big bit of news I have been sat on for quite some time although a lot of you who know me well will have probably heard me going on about this for ages and I did edit my ‘Ski Gear‘ a while ago once I had ordered them during Dreamtime and had the order confirmed which some of you may have noticed.

All I need to do now before I can use them is head down to Nottingham to see Jon and get them drilled which I will hopefully do on the 21st November ready for Christmas skiing!


Lenovo Yoga vs. Lenovo Yoga 2

Here is a little rundown of my new laptop and how it compares to my old one.

Lenovo Yoga (Old):

  • i7 Intel Core (can’t remember which) – 2.0GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • 13.3″ Touch Screen
  • Silver with black internal

Lenovo Yoga 2 (New):

  • i7 Intel Core 4510U – 2.0GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD + 8GB SSD
  • 13.3″ Touch Screen
  • Silver with silver internal


  • Layout, can’t really think of any as I feel you don’t what hasn’t changed but I will no doubt think of some at a later date.
  • Awful battery life when watching films at full brightness but what else do you expect from a lightweight laptop.


  • Backlit keyboard, it is just so much easier to use at night.
  • Screen surround has expanded with a touch sensitive Windows button not an actual button as seen on the original.
  • Storage space, bigger is always better.


  • The most notable differences for me are the change to the actual body, pretty much all the ports have changed location and for me the most noticeable of these are power port and USB3.0 port which have both swapped sides and the other noticeable change is the power button has moved from the front to the side.
  • Another change I have found really annoying is the move from a full size HDMI to a micro HDMI as it means I have to carry a cable around as most of my friends have a standard HDMI linked with their TV not a micro so if I want to watch/show anything I need my own cable.

Images, I tried to find the equivalent images of the Yoga and Yoga 2 so you can have a look for yourselves and see what you think (Yoga on the left, Yoga 2 on the right):

IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Multi-angle-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-orange-front-modes-1 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Back-Side-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-silver-back-side-16 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Laptop-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-orange-front-laptop-mode-5 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Stand-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-black-front-stand-mode-3 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Tablet-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-silver-front-tablet-mode-6 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Front-Tent-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-silver-front-tent-mode-4 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Keyboard-Closeup-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-silver-keyboard-zoom-9 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Keyboard-View-gallery-845x475 lenovo-laptop-convertible-yoga-2-13-inch-orange-keyboard-17 IdeaPad-Yoga-13-Convertible-Laptop-PC-Grey-Side-Views-gallery-940x529 Yoga 2 sides

And that is about it, will keep coming back and updating this as I use the laptop more.


I have just realized the header image has the laptops the wrong way round…

New Laptop

So first off my new laptop from which I am uploading this is awesome! It is a Lenovo Yoga 2 with an almost identical spec to my old Lenovo Yoga except it has a little more memory. The reason for the upgrade is my old one broke; the fan started making huge amounts of noise and ‘revving’ when I were using it so I sent it off for repair and as some of you may have seen from my Instagram when I got it back the screen was smashed! So I took it back to John Lewis again and they decided to send me a new one instead of repairing it again so I can’t complain at all. Would have been a Yoga except they couldn’t find any in stock anywhere and the Yoga 2 was a similar price to what I paid.

Broken screen, cracks went the full way across the screen:

DSC_0529 DSC_0530

My first impression of the Yoga 2 is how much smaller and lighter it feels, will try to do a more detailed review soon.

As I mentioned in my previous post I had ordered a few bits and pieces from Urban Experiment and I am finally home today so had my first chance to see them and they are perfect, looking forward to getting back to uni and on my bike to try them out, won’t have to put up with the annoying rattling caused by mounting the lock on the frame anymore!

So here they are:

DSC_0534 DSC_0536 DSC_0537 DSC_0539 DSC_0540 DSC_0542 FB_IMG_1436308947747

Seeing as I am cycling more I decided to try and find a riding buddy and ended up finding a whole group instead, Fixed Gear Leeds! Had an awesome ride with them on Thursday night up to Eccup Reservoir for a few drinks before riding back, definitely going to be joining them more often over the rest of the summer.

Bikes ready for the ride:

I have now had the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy assessment centre that I mentioned in my last post and it was actually really good, met a load of good guys there and now it is just a waiting game until we hear the results! Ended up coming away from the day with loads of stuff (notepad, pen, cap etc.) plus a jacket and polo that we had to wear on the day so will post that all up when I get the chance.

DPS Dreamtime, I look at it every year and wish I could buy some skis and this year looks like my lucky year! I am planning on buying some skis just in time for the end of Dreamtime once I get paid! Going for the Wailer 112RP2 after having a very detailed conversation with Andrew, one of DPS’ personal ski fitters, from which we decide it was the best ski for me and the conditions/terrain I would be skiing on. Originally the POW (Protect Our Winters) special edition graphics were only going to be run on the 178cm and 184cm lengths, however after asking Andrew about whether it would be possible to get a run in the 190cm length (what I would want) I found out that there seemed to be a few people asking the same question so they are now doing a very limited of them so I just hope I am paid in time to order them within the window!

Special Edition Graphic:

pure-3-pow-wailer112rp2-tiptail_2 pure-3-pow-wailer112rp2_3

Well I am going to sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow but luckily next week I have a week off from my project so I am getting the chance to go and visit a few people on a nice little road trip around the UK but more on that next week.


New House

Finally settled into the new house after a busy weekend moving stuff from home and my old flat here as well as helping a few friends move to their new places too hence the lack of posts! New House:

DSC_0500 DSC_0501 DSC_0508 DSC_0509

Quite a lot of news in this post actually; first off it is results are released on Monday, already tired of waiting! Secondly and much more important (after all there isn’t really much I can do about my grades really): I have an Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy Assessment Centre on Wednesday, one of the last 10 in Europe, last 50 Worldwide, so I need to get prepared for that this weekend!

I mentioned previously that I was designing a new logo and it is in the works; I have had a few ideas and left them in the very capable hands of fellow Snowrider and Product Design student Jordan, can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

Having now moved further from Uni (not that far though, 10min walk compared to maybe 3min) I have started cycling a lot more, I hardly used my bikes at all this year! Because of this I decided to buy some stuff for when I am cycling from Urban Experiment. I bought some foot straps a few years ago from them and love them so decided to go back to them for the other bits and pieces I want.
Large Waist Bag:


U-Lock Holder(with over-sized 50mm Belt):


Tool Pouch


Check out their eBay store!

As my Specialized Langster (2012) is black and white with red highlights I used those colours when I bought two sets of straps two years ago; one set with white main body, black strapping and red stitching the other with a black main body, white strapping and red stitching, the latter is my favourite so I bought the new stuff in the scheme. Also looking at getting a Messenger Bag from them ready for next term but that is still a while away!

Messenger Bag:


Langster (2012):


POW (Protect Our Winters) Father’s Day giveaway, I won!! So will hopefully be getting few surprises sent out by them for both my dad and me! I posted a photo on my Instagram that my mum took of me being pulled up a hill by my dad on skis when is was very little:

DPS Dreamtime with POW, keeping on the Protect Our Winter s theme DPS have their Dreatime sale on later this month 15th July – 1st August, the only time you can get a discount from them! They have teamed up with POW to do some one-of-a-kind graphics for the special editions and also donate some of the proceeds towards POW!

051-POWDPS-Header DT-SaveTheDate_blog_header


Birthday and Camera Comparison

Firstly, as I mentioned previously it was my birthday on Saturday (20th June) so I thought I would do a quick run down of what I got; bearing in mind I got ski boots from my parents in February after winning skis at the Snowriders Snow Ball!

For the most part I just got a little money and then my parents/brother took me to Sail and Ski in Chester and bought me some tuning equipment for my skis (iron, edge tuner, wax scraper etc.) and as well as those I also got some silly little presents (shown below and some lovely shirts from my aunt. I also got a Vue gift card so decide to go and watch Jurassic World on Saturday night with my brother and a friend from school.

Tuning Kit:


(Burton Hotstick Iron, Toko Edge Tuner Pro, Toko Nylon Base Brush and Toko 3mm Wax Scraper)

Silly little presents:

DSC_0479 DSC_0481 DSC_0482

(Think I have a good idea about what my parents are implying…)

So onto the camera comparison, I decided to get a picture of all the cars and number plates in the drive having had the plate changed from my old Polo to my mum’s new MX-5 and thought it would be a good opportunity to compare my phone camera and my Sony QX10 lens and also replace this photo:


Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (left) vs. Sony QX10 (right):

DSC_0475 DSC00162 DSC_0476 DSC00163 DSC_0477 DSC00164 DSC_0478 DSC00165

So I will let you decide which you think is better, I think the QX10 photos are richer in terms of colour and depth but the Xperia photos are a much better size/shape.


New Car (Sort of…)

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram this morning (@ian.prossor) I have a new car! And this is where the ‘sort of…’ comes in: technically it is my mums car and I have it on loan from her but I like to think of it as my new car (although it isn’t the first time I have driven it, it was one of the cars I learnt in!). This does mean I am selling the Polo! I have left the Polo with my mum and she is planning on selling it before the end of this month along with her MX-5 and looking to get a more reliable, newer, MX-5. So the money she gets from my Polo sale is going towards her new car and I am getting the Audi on loan until further notice so i can’t really complain!

So here is the Polo the day before I left to come back to Uni:

DSC_0400 DSC_0401 DSC_0402 DSC_0403 DSC_0404 DSC_0405 DSC_0406 DSC_0407

And here is the A1 taken today:

DSC00085 DSC00086 DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00089 DSC00090 DSC00091 DSC00092

I think this is a very good comparison (to an extent, different light etc.) of my phone camera vs. the Sony QX10; the pictures of the Polo are from my phone and the A1 from the QX10. I also took the Stickers off the Polo:


And the pile of removed stickers:


I was thinking of posting one of these on Instagram but decide that the actual car was much more interesting:

DSC_0414 DSC_0416

After my parents dropped me off in Leeds on yesterday they headed off to have a look at an MX-5 my mum had liked only to get there and find it had be sold on Saturday! Here is a photo of it:


And in the time I have written this post my mum has already found a MX-5 and is planning on collecting it on Wednesday!


Here is a photo of all three of my family’s main cars in the drive before we left yesterday, the plan is to moving PR04 SOR onto my mums new car.


That is about it, I now need to start actually doing work rather than blogging or sorting my manifesto for the Snowriders AGM!


New Boots!

So first off, my mum is amazing! She sent me money for my boots today as an early birthday present and by early I mean 108 days early or more simply 3 months and 17 days early, so very early. But that meant that I could head out today and get some boots which of course I did. I bought the Head Venture 130 with custom footbeds and had them heat fitted/moulded. For Head boots heat fitting involves the whole boot, shell and all, going into a heater before stepping into them and standing up for ages (10 minutes but it feels much longer). So now I have some super comfy custom fitted ski boots ready for Val Thorens in just over two weeks, so excited! I also need to do a big shout out to Glide & Slide who were amazing getting me fitted today and also when I went in to try boots on Sunday; I also need to apologize for turning up too early when they were rather busy but they managed to fit me in which was amazing.

Continuing on the ski kit front; I just ordered a ski bag and of course as I have mentioned before I am getting the Douchebags Douchebag. It is really hard to find one at the moment, especially in Pitch black, as loads have sold out. I was originally going to get one from Absolute-Snow but they have sold out since I last went on their site at the weekend so I have ordered one from Snowtrax which will hopefully be here soon.


The bag actually rounds out all the stuff I need to order so now it is just waiting for it all to arrive, my poles arrived yesterday and have already been opened, taken apart and put back together. Once everything has arrived I am going to head down to The Piste Office to get my skis mounted with Quiver Killers and after that I have to get a few tools but that is it. Hopefully the bindings won’t take too long however Snowinn are waiting for a new shipment from Salomon and have just sent me an email saying I am to expect them at the end of next week rather than the start.


Finally; I had confirmation from Luke that Wasteland have ordered my skis from Head so they are on the way to them and will be forwarded to us ASAP ready for VT!



Sorry for the reused pictures but I didn’t get a chance to take any when getting fitted.

Ski Kit Shopping

Yesterday I finally started shopping for my ski kit! Bought the bindings and poles as they have really long shipping times so won’t arrive until next week, I also bought a ski strap as it wasn’t too expensive but in my opinion an essential. I bought the ones I mentioned in the last post but here are the pictures again anyway:

Salomon STH2 WTR 16:


Faction Agent:


G3 Ski Strap:


Over the weekend I got myself fitted for boots; I went to Snow + Rock on Friday then went to Glide n Slide yesterday. Glide n Slide had a bigger range of stiffer boots so hopefully I will heading back there this week with my early birthday present money (my birthday is in June) to buy them and get them heat fitted as well as getting custom foot-beds as I apparently have huge insteps! Looked at the Atomic Hawx 120 in Snow + Rock but preferred the Hawx 130 that Glide n Slide had however my favourite boots were the Head Venture 130 which felt the same as the Hawx 130 although they apparently have a narrower fit which I don’t quite believe as I have quite wide feet… Anyway they are also cheaper and have a hike function too. So hopefully I will get them soon.

Atomic Hawx 120 (Snow + Rock):


Atomic Hawx 130 (Glide n Slide):


Head Venture 130 (Glide n Slide):


Yesterday I also signed up/applied to be a tester for a new Haglöfs jacket on the ISPO Community (hence the feature image), so hopefully I will get it as I have a jam packed timetable during the test period, two weeks skiing, two weeks at uni and two weeks at work so would really get a good amount of varied testing done. It would also be really go to actually have an input on a product before final run rather than just reviewing/commenting on them after I have bought them.


Rufus Cuff Pre-Order

I have been planning on ordering a Rufus Cuff for ages and have never got round to it until I got an email today from the reminding me that the price changes on the 15th of this month, going up to the retail price, so I decided it was time to pre-order it! The best part about pre-ordering it is that I won’t be charged until it is being built/shipped so I can cancel between now and then if I don’t have the funds however I hope I don’t have to cancel the order.

So more about the Rufus Cuff and Rufus Labs; it was originally an Indiegogo campaign over the summer last year which got 180% of its funding which is pretty amazing! Here is the video from the campaign:

The best feature in my opinion is the fact that is can be used with both Android and Apple operating systems. They have also addressed all the other problems I have had with previous ‘Smart Watches’ (Pebble and Sony SW1) by removing the idea it has to look like a watch and giving at a bigger screen, as well as making it possible to make calls from it, they have also taken this one step further and provided capability for video calls. Here is a size comparison between the Rufus Cuff, Pebble (which I own) and Samsung Galaxy Gear:


Anyway have a look at their website and Facebook for more details and videos on their progress but now I need to get back to paying attention to me lecture!